West Bengal Exit Poll 2021: BJP can get 192 seats, Know Every Detail

Mamta Banerji

West Bengal Exit Poll 2021: BJP can get 192 seats, Know Every Detail: Is TMC rule in West Bengal going to be ‘played out’? Actually, on Thursday, in the exit poll results after the final phase of voting in Bengal, there is a close fight between BJP and TMC. While TMC is seen getting majority in some exit polls, BJP is seen going towards 200 seats in some exit polls. 200 seats figure. Remember or not. BJP’s Chanakya Amit Shah claims. Let us tell you which exit polls have formed the BJP government in Bengal.

Till date

First of all talk about Aaj Tak’s exit poll, there is a close fight between BJP and TMC in Bengal. Aaj Tak-Axis My India has given 134-160 seats to BJP + in exit poll. At the same time TMC + has been given 130–156 seats, while the Left + seems to get 0–2 seats. Others also have 0-1 seats.

Republic tv

According to the exit poll results of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, the BJP in Bengal can defeat Mamata Banerjee’s TMC. According to the channel’s exit poll data, TMC + is likely to get 128 to 138 seats, while the BJP may move closer to the majority figure. In the exit poll of the Republic, BJP + is getting 138 to 148 seats. The Congress-led coalition can get 11 to 21 seats.

People’s Pulse

Apart from the television channel Republic, in the exit poll of People’s Pulse related to West Bengal, BJP is seen fulfilling its slogan of Asol Parivartan. According to exit poll data, BJP + is getting 172 seats, TMC + 64 seats and Left + 7 in Bengal. If you look at the figures of this exit poll, Mamta Banerjee is seen to be suffering a lot. While these are not actual results, the electoral counting of votes in Bengal will be held on May 2.

People’s talk

Apart from these two, in the Bengal exit poll of ‘Jan Ki Baat’, BJP is seen getting 162 to 185 seats. At the same time, the TMC figure can be between 104 and 121. The United Front of Congress and Left can get 9 to 3 seats.

India tv

With all this, in the exit poll data of India TV, BJP is gaining a lot of data in Bengal. Estimates show BJP getting 173–192 seats, while TMC is getting 64–88 seats. At the same time, Congress + 7-12 seats are seen shrinking.

India news

In the exit poll of television channel India News and JKB, BJP is seen forming a government in Bengal. In the estimates, the party seems to be getting 162–185 seats, while TMC is seen getting 104–121 seats. Congress + India News JKB has given 3-9 seats. Others have zero on their account.

If these exit polls prove true on May 2, then it is clear that the slogan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Khela Khatam …’ will be realized in the election rallies of Bengal. But, it is to be kept in mind that in many exit polls, Mamata Banerjee’s party is also looking closer to the figure of 180. Exit poll figures are an estimate, and this shows the mood of the public in the upcoming government elections. Counting of the assembly elections of five states along with Bengal will be held on May 2.


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