Rahul Gandhi Criticizes BJP’s ‘400 Paar’ Slogan, Accuses PM of ‘Umpiring’ the Game


In a scathing critique aimed at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has denounced the feasibility of the party’s “400 paar” slogan, alleging the involvement of what he terms as “match-fixing” tactics. Addressing the ‘Loktantra Bachao’ rally in Delhi, Gandhi claimed that Prime Minister Modi handpicked “umpires” to ensure the BJP’s alleged pursuit of surpassing the 400-seat mark.

Allegations of Electoral Shenanigans

Gandhi’s remarks, delivered amidst a charged atmosphere at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, were centered on what he perceives as the BJP’s reliance on various strategies including Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), social media influence, and exerting pressure on the press to secure electoral victories. He asserted that without resorting to such methods, the BJP’s electoral success would be capped at around 180 seats.

Drawing Parallels with Cricket

Drawing an analogy to cricket, Gandhi likened the alleged manipulation of elections to the malpractice of match-fixing in sports. He referenced instances where umpires are coerced, players are bought, and captains are threatened, insinuating that similar tactics are at play in the political arena. The Congress leader lamented the arrests of key members of his party, portraying them as targeted moves aimed at disrupting the electoral process.

Challenges Faced by Opposition

Highlighting the hurdles faced by the opposition, Gandhi underscored the closure of their bank accounts during the crucial electoral period, hampering their ability to conduct campaigns effectively. He questioned the legitimacy of such actions in the democratic process and called for heightened vigilance to safeguard the principles enshrined in the Constitution.

The Stakes at Hand

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Gandhi portrayed the ongoing electoral battle as a pivotal moment in the nation’s history. He warned against complacency, asserting that failure to counteract the alleged machinations of the ruling party could lead to irreparable damage to the constitutional fabric of the country. Gandhi rallied support for the preservation of democratic values, urging citizens to exercise their franchise diligently.

Unifying Opposition Forces

The ‘Loktantra Bachao’ rally served as a platform for various opposition leaders to voice their solidarity against what they perceive as a threat to democracy. Notable figures in attendance included Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita Kejriwal, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, among others. The gathering symbolized a united front against what they view as the erosion of democratic norms and institutions.

In conclusion, Rahul Gandhi’s fervent condemnation of the BJP’s electoral strategies and his rallying cry for the protection of democratic principles underscores the intensity of the ongoing political landscape in India. As the nation braces itself for upcoming elections, the rhetoric and actions of political leaders like Gandhi are poised to shape the contours of India’s democratic future.


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