Mamata Banerjee Pushed From The Back? Doctor Explains What He Really Meant

Mamata Banerjee Pushed From The Back
Mamata Banerjee Pushed From The Back

A day after suggesting that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suffered a fall at her Kalighat residence due to a push from behind, SSKM Hospital director Manimoy Bandyopadhyay clarified today. He stated that he merely meant Banerjee may have felt a sensation of push, retracting the previous statement regarding the cause of her injuries to her forehead and nose.

Mamata Banerjee, aged 69, sustained significant injuries to her forehead and nose following a fall within her Kalighat residence in South Kolkata on Thursday evening. Dr. Bandyopadhyay clarified, stating, “There was a sensation of pushing from behind which resulted in Ms. Banerjee’s fall. Our responsibility is to provide treatment, and we have fulfilled that. There was a misunderstanding regarding my previous statement.”

On Thursday evening, the director of SSKM Hospital stated that Mamata Banerjee experienced a fall near her home, attributing it to a push from behind. This assertion led to widespread confusion and speculation regarding the cause of the incident involving the Trinamool Congress leader.

Following the fall, Banerjee received medical attention and underwent necessary procedures at the hospital, including receiving three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose. She also underwent medical tests, including brain imaging and an ECG, before being discharged.

Doctors have advised Mamata Banerjee to rest and have reported her condition as clinically stable as of this morning. Further routine checks are planned throughout the day to monitor her recovery progress. This update comes amidst ongoing concerns and interest in the health status of the prominent political figure.

An official informed the news agency PTI on Friday that the Chief Minister’s health remains stable, with senior doctors closely monitoring her overnight. Another assessment of her condition is scheduled. Regarding speculations surrounding the cause of her fall, a police officer told Press Trust of India that no complaints have been filed. However, security around the CM’s residence has been heightened as a precautionary measure. Mamata Banerjee receives “Z category” security cover, with a dedicated team of officers overseeing her safety, even at her residence. Pictures showing Banerjee with bleeding from her forehead were shared by the TMC on Thursday evening, further fueling public interest and concern about her well-being.

Abhishek, Mamata Banerjee’s nephew and national general secretary of the party, transported her to the hospital in his vehicle and facilitated her admission. This action underscores the familial and political ties within the Trinamool Congress, as family members step in to support their leader during times of need.

Doctor’s Cleared the Air 

Following the statement made by Dr. Manimoy Bandyopadhyay regarding Mamata Banerjee’s fall, which sparked confusion and conspiracy theories, the doctor clarified that his words were “misrepresented.” He explained that he meant there was a sensation of being pushed from behind that led to the Chief Minister’s fall, emphasizing that their primary role was to provide medical treatment.

During her treatment, Banerjee received three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose, indicating the severity of her injuries. This detail underscores the extent of medical intervention required following the incident.

In response to speculations surrounding the circumstances of the accident, the police addressed the matter by stating that no complaints had been filed regarding Banerjee’s fall. They also confirmed an increase in security measures around the Chief Minister’s residence as a precautionary measure. This response aims to reassure the public regarding the safety and security of the Chief Minister, particularly in light of the incident and ensuing speculations.

The clarification provided by Dr. Bandyopadhyay seeks to dispel any misunderstandings or misinterpretations regarding his initial statement, which inadvertently fueled confusion and speculation. By clarifying the context of his words, he aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding the circumstances surrounding Mamata Banerjee’s fall and subsequent medical treatment.

The police response further addresses concerns regarding the incident, affirming that there is currently no formal complaint lodged related to the Chief Minister’s fall. However, the heightened security measures around her residence indicate a proactive approach to ensuring her safety and well-being amidst public interest and speculation surrounding the incident.

Overall, these statements and actions underscore the importance of clear communication and transparency in addressing public concerns regarding the health and safety of political figures like Mamata Banerjee.


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