Nawab Malik VS Devendra Fadnavis: Munna Yadav, Haider Azam

Nawab Malik VS Devendra Fadnavis: Munna Yadav, Haider Azam

Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik has made serious allegations against former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in a press conference on Wednesday. Malik said that Devendra Fadnavis used to run a racket of counterfeit notes in Maharashtra. Under his protection and supervision, black trade of counterfeit notes was done in Mumbai and in Maharashtra.

Why the goons were made the chairman

Nawab Malik also accused Devendra Fadnavis of making notorious goons and underworld chairman of government board during his tenure. Malik also accused the infamous gangster from Nagpur, Munna Yadav, of making the chairman of the construction board. Malik also alleged that a goon named Haider Azam was also made the president of the Mahamandal. Haider Azam who works to settle Bangladeshi people in Mumbai. Haider Azam’s second wife is Bangladeshi, when the investigation of this case was started by the Malad Police of Mumbai. Then worked to suppress this matter.

What is the relation of Fadnavis with Riyaz Bhati

Nawab Malik alleged that Riyaz Bhati, who was arrested at Mumbai’s Sahar airport with two passports each. What is the relation of Devendra Fadnavis with her? Entire Mumbai city knows about Riyaz Bhati. What is the relation between Riyaz Bhati and the underworld? This is also obvious. Despite this, how did the efforts reach the programs of Bhati, Devendra Fadnavis and BJP? The person who is accused of forged passport. How did that person reach the Prime Minister’s program without investigation and posed for photographs with him? Malik accused Fadnavis of cleverly bringing criminals into the system during his chief ministerial tenure.

Accused of running a racket of counterfeit notes

Nawab Malik has also accused Devendra Fadnavis of running a counterfeit currency racket. Malik said that those who do business of counterfeit notes. Devendra Fadnavis patronizes them. Malik said that when demonetisation took place in the country, Modi ji had said that demonetisation is being done so that terrorism and black money can be eradicated. He had said that demonetisation would also eliminate fake notes on a large scale. After demonetisation, counterfeit notes were also caught in other states. Fake notes were also caught in Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu. However, till October 8, 2017, there was not even a single case of counterfeit currency detection in Maharashtra for almost a year, as the counterfeit currency business was going on under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis.

Malik said that if the fake currency of Pakistan goes to India, then the case is registered and bail is also granted in just a few days. The matter is not given to the NIA, where were the notes coming from and where were they going. That investigation is not pursued because the people who were running this racket had the support of the Fadnavis government.

Wankhede became a helper

Nawab Malik also alleged that the fake currency racket run by Devendra Fadnavis has connections with Pakistan. When a fake note of Rs 14 crore 56 lakh was caught. In that case, the brother of Imran Alam Sheikh, who was caught, was made the chairman of the Minority Commission by Devendra Fadnavis. Sameer Wankhede was posted in DRI when this counterfeit note was caught. He got the matter hushed up at the behest of Fadnavis.

Devendra Fadnavis’s friendship with goons

Nawab Malik also alleged that Devendra Fadnavis used to encroach on land in Maharashtra including Mumbai, Thane with the help of underworld people and police. Malik said that Fadnavis had got the police commissioner posted in Thane city for this work. Underworld don used to get calls from abroad and after that the matter was settled with the help of police. All this work was done under the supervision of Fadnavis.


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