Surat Fire Tragedy: ‘I had no option but to jump off the burning building’

Surat Fire Tragedy

Surat Fire Tragedy: Surat fire is not only complete Gujarat but the entire country has been struck by this accident. The eyewitnesses present there also told the story. A student who barely saved his life in an accident told the horrific tales. Twenty people died on Friday in the accident.

Surat Fire Tragedy, People felt someone burnt the plastic

Surat Fire Tragedy survival Rusit who is currently admitted in the hospital explained to us the horrific view of that incident. Rusit said, all of us were sitting in the office, then slowly the smoke started coming in. Everyone felt that somebody would have burnt the plastic but gradually the smoke started coming from the AC. Then the head of the other class came down with some children and started saying that the fire was under.

Broken down all the windows

Ruşit said further, we were told that all should follow. When we went back, the smoke started to become so much that there was a possibility of suffocation. We broke all the windows on that floor. We started feeling now that maybe we will stay or not. Even started thinking about jumping down. I thought that if I stay here I will burn and even if I’m still going down, then definitely I will die. Then thought that it should be jumped down.

Things worsen before the fire brigade arrives

Rusit said the situation was worsened when the fire brigade arrived after the fire alert. Until the fire brigade’s carts were standing, the staircases seemed to have been delayed. So we decided to jump down. There were 8-9 students in the class with me, and there were also some students in the second class. And then everyone started jumping down. The first leap was made by Rusit only. After this, 13 students fell down, 3 of them died. Rusit was going there for the last one and a half year for the preparation of the drama.

Surat Fire Tragedy- This young man saved the lives of 8 children

At the time people were jumping from the building to avoid the fire, a large number of people present at the venue were engaged in making videos, but if these people had come forward then many children could have survived. Among the people present there was a young man who risked his own life and saved many children. Ketan Jorwadia, who saved the lives of 8 children, said that he saw many boys and girls were jumping and he started looking for the stairs immediately but there was no staircase, after which Ketan came down from the top and took a ladder from there. Gone back, However, this young man is unhappy that people were busy in making videos even during times of crisis. For the latest updates, you can visit


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