Rakesh Tikait: ‘Owaisi BJP’s uncle’- why is Rakesh Tikait nervous about ‘Abba Jaan’ in UP elections?

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Rakesh Tikait: ‘Owaisi BJP’s uncle’- why is Rakesh Tikait nervous about ‘Abba Jaan’ in UP elections?- All India Majlise Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Owaisi calls himself the Laila of Indian politics and respects the rest of the parties. According to him, she is such a Laila whose name every party takes from its platform. Especially when his party is accused of being the B team of BJP, Owaisi gives the same example. But on Tuesday, in Baghpat, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait gave a new name to Owaisi as ‘BJP ke Chachajaan’. It is not a mere coincidence that the ‘Abba Jaan’ jumla of UP CM Yogi is also in discussion at this time. Does the question arise whether ‘Chacha Jaan’ of Tikait is a product of this ‘Abba Jaan’?

On September 12, UP CM Yogi Adityanath had questioned the working style of the government of former CM and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav in Kushinagar. Yogi said, ‘Earlier, those who called ‘Abba Jaan’ used to rob the jobs of the poor. The whole family used to go out for recovery with a bag. Those who called Abba Jaan used to digest the ration. Ration used to reach Nepal and Bangladesh. The one who swallows the ration of the poor today will go to jail.

Akhilesh Yadav was irritated by ‘Abba Jaan’

This statement of Yogi is being criticized by the opposition especially Akhilesh. They are accusing the BJP government of communal polarization by putting the Muslim masses in the dock. However, Yogi’s sarcasm of ‘Abba Jaan’ was the first to attack Akhilesh when Akhilesh himself got the corona vaccine after Mulayam. On this, without naming Akhilesh, Yogi had said, ‘When Abba Jaan got the vaccine, then he said that we will also get it done. On this, the members of the SP created a lot of ruckuses. In response, Yogi said that the SP wants the votes of Muslims, but he is avoiding the word ‘Abba Jaan’.

BJP leader said – polarization in everything is an excuse

Overall, the word ‘Abba Jaan’, which came out of the BJP leader’s tongue, became a symbol of polarization politics. AIMIM Chief Owaisi also criticized the statement about digesting ration in Kushinagar. On this whole matter, BJP leaders said that the opposition sees polarization in everything.

Is Rakesh Tikait also afraid of ‘Abba Jaan’?

But on Tuesday, two implications are visible behind Rakesh Tikait calling Owaisi the ‘Chacha Jaan’ of the BJP. First, they are scared of this so-called ‘polarisation’ attempt by the BJP. Second, once again like the rest of the opposition, he is also considering Owaisi as a hidden ally of the BJP. According to him, Owaisi’s attack on the Yogi government is such a noura wrestling, on the pretext of which communal polarization is being fueled in the state.

Which equation of Tikaat will mess up!

Now the question arises that what is Rakesh Tikait afraid of this communal polarization? Is he going to contest elections? Although there was a discussion some time ago that Rakesh Tikait is making up his mind, when the farmers themselves started getting bitter reactions on such a possibility, he denied it. But recently the Yogi government of UP has been attacked fiercely regarding the MSP of sugarcane farmers and other issues. In his rally, he has clearly talked about defeating BJP in the UP assembly elections. He appealed to the farmers not to vote for BJP.

The slogan ‘Allahu Akbar’ was raised

To widen the scope of the peasant movement and emerge as a strong peasant leader, he also took the initiative to forget the bitterness that had developed between Jats and Muslims. They raised the slogans of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’ together in the Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat. Referring to his father and a big farmer leader of western UP, Mahendra Singh Tikait, he said that during his time he used to raise similar slogans.

Fear… the game of western UP may worsen

In short, Rakesh Tikait, who comes from the Jat fraternity, intends to bring these two sections closer again in the Jat and Muslim-dominated western UP to form a solid vote bank and either play a key role in which government is in power or the ruling governments. Talk to me on my own terms.

But rhetoric like ‘Abba Jaan’ can spoil his game. In such a situation, by calling Owaisi ‘Chacha Jaan’, Rakesh Tikait wants to prove him as an agent of BJP. At the same time, Muslims want to warn the public that instead of dividing on this issue, stay united so that the Jat and Muslim equation remains. Just like the Yadav leader ‘MY’ i.e. Muslim Yadav had managed to make the equation at one time.


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