Bihar News: Why is BJP soft on Lalu Yadav? There was no direct attack after coming to Patna

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Lalu Yadav is in Patna for the last two days. He is also going to campaign in Bihar by-elections on Wednesday. The relationship between BJP and Lalu is not hidden from anyone. But there is more verbal war going on between Congress and RJD. While both these parties are in anti-NDA alliance. BJP leaders are congratulating Laluji for good health.

What did BJP leaders say about Lalu so far?

Bihar BJP leaders are silent on Lalu Yadav’s controversial statement on Congress in-charge Bhakt Charan Das. From state BJP president Sanjay Jaiswal to Sushil Modi, they are refraining from attacking Lalu Yadav directly. Sanjay Jaiswal said that ‘this is all a sham, they are accusing each other so that they can cut the NDA’s vote. In fact, both the parties have a specific strategy. They are in face-to-face because Congress can harm NDA by cutting base vote of BJP.

At the same time, Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi also accused Congress and RJD of collusion. Sushil Modi lashed out at Congress more than Lalu Yadav. He said that no matter how much abuse is given to Congress, it will not leave RJD’s side even after taking a sip of humiliation to save its existence. Whereas, Bihar’s Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen said that Lalu ji’s arrival will not make any difference. He’s very old. All I wish is a healthy and long life.

Silence on Lalu part of BJP’s strategy?

Actually in Bihar, those who cannot vote for Lalu Yadav’s party, they vote for NDA. BJP does not want much discussion of Lalu’s return. Otherwise there will be polarization of votes. Lalu’s core voters will be united. Even though the NDA coalition government is running in the state, the difference between the seats of the Grand Alliance and the NDA was not much. NDA got 125 and Mahagathbandhan got 110 seats.

In the 2020 assembly elections, the BJP had vigorously raised the matter related to Lalu’s corruption in front of the public. Despite this, RJD remained the single largest party with 75 seats. This is the reason why the ruling coalition is trying to keep Lalu Yadav out of discussions.

Lalu Yadav is also taking precautions regarding BJP

After splitting from Lalu Yadav in Bihar, Nitish Kumar went to BJP’s side. In this game the Lalu family got out of power. Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister in the state but he changed his partner. Whereas in 2015, he contested the election with Lalu Yadav.

There is a BJP government at the centre. The case related to the Lalu family is with the central investigative agencies. The RJD supremo convicted in the fodder scam and the Lalu family, implicated in many corruption cases, is being careful about the BJP. Lalu Yadav got bail after about four years and is currently in Patna.

In two seats (Kusheshwarsthan and Tarapur) where by-elections are being held, there is no direct BJP candidate. If there is any rift between the BJP and JDU alliance in the state, then it will directly benefit the Rashtriya Janata Dal. This is the reason why he is avoiding speaking anything about BJP.

Nitish Kumar is the target of RJD supremo. He said that ‘Nitish Kumar is being praised. BJP and PM Modi know everything. Everyone is raising slogans that there should be a Prime Minister like Nitish Kumar. They are being called PM material. This is arrogance and greed.

Why is there a tussle between Congress and RJD?

Lalu Yadav took over as CM for the first time with the support of BJP after ousting the Congress from power. Then took the hand of the Congress after clashing with the Bharatiya Janata Party. After this, Lalu Yadav made Bihar Congress sit in his lap. Danced as he wished. It is said that Lalu Yadav kept getting his favorite made as the president of the state Congress. So that there will be no problem in the tolmol. Congress and RJD have been together for almost thirty years.

After the death of senior Congress leader Sadanand Singh, Lalu Yadav’s hold on Bihar Congress loosened. Despite Lalu Yadav’s not wanting, Congress got Kanhaiya Kumar, former president of JNU Students’ Union, to join the party. As soon as he reached Patna, he first demanded an account of thirty years from Lalu Yadav. Earlier, Congress in-charge Bhakta Charan Das announced to break the alliance with RJD.


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