Crowd Screams “Sania Mirza” At Sana Javed During PSL Game

Crowd Screams _Sania Mirza_ At Sana Javed During PSL Game
Crowd Screams _Sania Mirza_ At Sana Javed During PSL Game

In the recent Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024 match between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans, Sana Javed, the spouse of former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik, was in attendance to support her husband, who currently plays for the Kings. However, during the game, a portion of the crowd directed taunts towards her by repeatedly chanting the name of Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza, who happens to be Malik’s former wife. This incident unfolded shortly after Malik and Javed publicly announced their marital union, which was followed by the revelation of Malik’s previous marriage to Mirza ending in divorce. Despite the unsettling atmosphere, Javed remained composed throughout, even offering a wave of acknowledgment to the crowd amidst the persistent chants.

Despite Malik’s notable performance during the match, where he scored a commendable half-century, Karachi Kings faced defeat against Multan Sultans, losing by a margin of 55 runs. The victory for Multan Sultans was propelled by strong performances from players such as Reeza Hendricks and Mohammad Ali, who contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Following the match, Sania Mirza’s family officially confirmed the dissolution of her marriage with Shoaib Malik. They expressed Mirza’s well wishes for Malik’s future endeavors and urged the public to respect her privacy during this sensitive period. Mirza’s family emphasized her desire to keep her personal life out of the public eye, but circumstances necessitated the disclosure of the divorce. They appealed to fans and well-wishers to refrain from engaging in speculation and to honor Mirza’s need for privacy and respect.

The separation between Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza marked the conclusion of a high-profile union that had captured the interest of sports enthusiasts across both India and Pakistan.

What People Commented? 

One commenter highlighted the unfairness of solely blaming Sana Javed for Shoaib Malik’s actions, urging people to hold Malik equally accountable. Another commenter condemned the booing directed at Javed, attributing it to ignorance and labeling it as cheap behavior. A third commenter expressed a negative sentiment towards Javed, suggesting that her actions would lead to her downfall.

Shoaib Malik’s marriage to Sana Javed was announced in January of the current year, with wedding photos shared on X platform accompanied by a quote referencing pairs. Malik’s previous marriage to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza in 2010 resulted in the birth of their son, Izhaan, in 2018.

Know The Story Behind 

Sana Javed attended a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans on Sunday to support her husband, Shoaib Malik. However, she encountered spectators at the stadium chanting the name of Sania Mirza, whom Malik separated from earlier in the year. This incident captured on video has evoked varied reactions from netizens. Some criticized the behavior, while others insinuated that Javed deserved such treatment due to vague rumors of infidelity. These rumors, however, remain unsubstantiated and unaddressed by any involved party.

It is important to emphasize that heckling someone is not a constructive response. Bullying does not rectify alleged mistakes or provide any form of meaningful reprimand; instead, it only inflicts stress on the individual targeted and allows bystanders to release their frustrations with no tangible outcome.

Javed’s experience at the stadium was unacceptable. There is an appropriate time, place, and manner in which to critique public figures, and resorting to bullying at a sporting event is not justifiable.

What is particularly noteworthy in this entire scenario is the disproportionate amount of bullying and heckling that Javed has faced compared to Malik. This is indicative of the unequal societal pressures and reactions faced by men and women, especially in public settings.

Why is it that women often bear the brunt of audience ire? This is not to suggest that Malik should be subjected to bullying, but it is telling that there have been no reports of people chanting the name of Javed’s former spouse when Malik himself entered the stadium. While Malik has been subjected to light-hearted jokes and even praised for his multiple marriages, Javed’s character has been relentlessly maligned.

This incident sheds light on deeply ingrained societal biases and gender norms that unfairly place blame and scrutiny on women, particularly in matters related to relationships. There exists a glaring double standard in the judgment of men and women; while men may be perceived as simply moving on, women are often stigmatized with labels like “homewreckers” or “husband stealers.”

Moreover, traditional gender roles assign women the role of caretakers and custodians of family honor, while men are granted greater freedom and agency. This can result in harsher judgment and criticism directed towards women.

Internalized misogyny also plays a significant role. Some individuals, irrespective of gender, may unconsciously internalize sexist attitudes and stereotypes, leading them to unfairly judge and criticize women in situations like this.

Resorting to bullying as a means of expressing disapproval or seeking justice only exacerbates the problem. Bullying, especially targeting women, perpetuates a harmful cycle of public shaming and negativity. Instead, fostering constructive dialogue and offering support are essential in navigating such situations and promoting healthier attitudes towards accountability among public figures.

Taking jokes off the internet and into real life isn’t okay and public bullying, especially without being privy to the truth about someone’s personal life is definitely the wrong approach.


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