PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update Announced for April 17, Update New Features

PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update Announced for April 17

PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update Announced for April 17: The creator of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games, has finally declared the official timeline for the release and the official update of the latest update version 0.12. As Mentioned in our previous report regarding recent PUBG Updates, it will also be called “Darkest Night” Zombie mode as well as “ new weapons and Monsters” for the Survive till Dawn Zombie mode. As we had expected from Tencent, the new update will start live from April 16 and the same day will be taken offline from 00:00:00 to 08:00:00 (UTC) for the game. It is worth noting that players who update on the latest version of PUBG mobile before April 23, will enjoy special benefits. These players will get outfit Box III (7D) and 1,888 BP in the form of a reward.

PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update Announced for April 17, Update with Darkest Night Mode

It is also worth noting that many new features and quizzes, which are spotted on PUBG Mobile beta v0.12, have not made their way for a stable release. According to the latest variation of the game, the new “champion” system has not made its way to new updates; similar is the case for chat systems reworked, However, these features are expected to show in the later version of PUBG mobile.

According to the official changes of version 0.12, Evoground is going to be additional, in which the battles will be all game modes of the Royal games. Another addition will be the Dark Night node where players will surviving with new weapons, monsters and tuned for the now be able to see the matches of their friends crew and clan member, and viewer mode can adjust privacy settings, it will also have a portable wardrobe which can be swapped during combat, and in the end, a spring will also be subject and treasure event. For the latest news, you can visit

New Weapons and EvoGround, PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update Announced for April 17

PUBG Mobile’s latest Till New Ballistic Weapons in Dawn Mode is the latest updated RPG-7 and Liquid Nitrogen Grenade. Apart from this, in our previous report regarding the new PUBG Mobile Update 0.12, we had highlighted that the game will also come with options for crosshair modifications. Red dot, holographic, 2x scope and 3x scope, along with different colors, will be adjustable with several size variants of the Red-dot circle.

For some time, the door glitch on the PUBG mobile gameplay will not be decided by the user’s frustration. But it is possible that Tencent is keeping this patch for upcoming updates like some other additions to the game. Overall, the main attraction for this update will be Dark Knight mode, where players will be able to escape for 30 minutes or go solo or in a team to fight poison gas.


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