Sachin Pilot supporters will get a flight of power? Now CM Ashok Gehlot made this plan

Sachin Pilot supporters will get a flight of power?

Sachin Pilot supporters will get a flight of power? Now CM Ashok Gehlot made this plan- The pressure of the Sachin Pilot camp in Rajasthan seems to be paying off. CM Ashok Gehlot has asked for the report cards of his ministers for the last two years. If the performance of someone is not found satisfactory in this, then he can be discharged. This step of CM Ashok Gehlot is important amid cabinet expansion and reshuffle. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given instructions in this regard to the Cabinet Secretariat, on which the Cabinet Secretariat has started preparing the performance report of the work of the ministers.

The main reason behind CM Ashok Gehlot’s demand for report cards of ministers is believed to be that ministers whose performance is not good can be shown the way out of the cabinet. In their place, new faces can be given a chance. In fact, Sachin Pilot and his supporting MLAs are continuously demanding from the government and the Congress high command to be given participation in power. In such a situation, the cabinet expansion can be agreed at any time. Now only the time to come will tell who will be discharged from the cabinet and which new face is given a chance. Significantly, before this, CM Ashok Gehlot has reviewed the work by taking a review meeting of the departments of all the ministers during the Corona period.

There are currently 6 vacancies in the Gehlot cabinet

A maximum of 30 ministers can be made in the Gehlot cabinet. At present, 21 MLAs have been given ministerial posts against these posts, so there are many ministers who have more than two portfolios. At present, 9 seats are vacant in the Gehlot cabinet. These include Sachin Pilot, Ramesh Meena, Vishvendra Singh, who were dismissed from the cabinet during the political crisis. Along with this, a post has also fallen vacant due to the death of another cabinet member, Master Bhanwar Lal Meghwal. If there is an expansion and reshuffle of the cabinet, then now it is believed that the MLAs of Sachin Pilot camp will get a place.


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