Gunmen kill at least 14 bus passengers in Pakistan’s Balochistan

Gunmen kill at least 14 bus passengers in Pakistan's Balochistan

Gunmen kill at least 14 bus passengers in Pakistan: Quetta, the official said the Gunmen Killed at least 14 people after landing from buses in Pakistan’s restricted Balochistan province. The attackers, who are around two dozen, were wearing uniforms from the paramilitary frontier corps, provincial Home Secretary Haider Ali told. “Makran stopped the buses on the coastal highway and killed 14 people”, they said. He said that four vehicles were going towards the port of megacity from Karachi to the coastal city of ormara.

Gunmen kill at least 14 bus passengers in Pakistan’s Balochistan

A naval officer and a coast guard were among those killed, Ali said. It is believed that all victims are Pakistani. Provincial Home Minister Mir Jia Langov told that an entire investigation was launched in the attack and asked to track the gunmen, wi said that he had filed.

“Such incidents are Unmanageable and we will not leave those terrorists who carried out this brutal attack”, They said. Prime Minister Imran Khan also condemned the killings in a statement from his office. After a suicide bombing in the provincial capital Quetta, no group claimed responsibility for immediate attack for less than a week.

The poorest province

Balochistan, which is in the border of Afghanistan and Iran, is Pakistan’s largest and the poorest province, as well as the site of Islamist, sectarian and separatist rebels.

ISIS is also active in the province and claimed last week’s attack, which targeted thousands of ethnic Shiites in a fruit market in Quetta.

The Pakistani army is targeting the rebels in the sub-province since 2004, and there have been repeated allegations by the international rights groups of their rights. It denies the allegations.

Balochistan is also the site of the major project of the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Gunmen Pull Out Passengers From Bus, Kill 14 In Pakistan’s Balochistan

The massive infrastructure project attempts to connect the western Chinese province of Xinjiang to the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar in Balochistan.

But it has also drawn its share of attacks, especially Baloch separatists, who have long complained that the residents of the province do not get a fair share of profits from the project. For the latest news, you can visit

Since the country’s most deadly terrorist attack, violence in Pakistan has decreased considerably, in 2014 a school was attacked in the northwestern city of Peshawar, in which more than 150 people were killed – most of whom were children. But terrorists still maintain their ability to carry out attacks, and analysts have long warned that Pakistan has to deal with the underlying causes of extremism.


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