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Black hole first image revealed

Black hole first image revealed:- In one of the rare places in history, a black hole has been captured in an image with its shadow. This phenomenon has been considered as a historical achievement by an international network of radio telescopes called Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). EHT is an international cooperation project to create a large telescope array in which a global network of radio telescopes is involved and it combines many data of very long-base-interferometry.

“This is a wonderful achievement by the EHT team,” said Paul Hertz, director of the Department of Astrophysics at NASA headquarters in Washington. “Years ago, we thought that to create an image of a black hole, we must build a very large space telescope. By getting radio telescopes around the world to work in concert like an instrument, the EHT team has achieved it, decades ahead.

Black hole first image revealed, What to know about the Picture

To capture the shadow of the black hole, the work of eight ground-based radio telescopes around the world was involved and worked together as if they were a single telescope that was of the shape of the earth. For the latest news, you can visit

So, here are the five things you should know about the black hole image capture by EHT:

  1. In a historical achievement by @EHTelescope & @NSF, a black hole image has been captured for 1 time. Many of our campaigns used different light wavelengths to observe the same black hole and collected data to understand the atmosphere of the black hole.
  2. To capture the first image of a black hole, the story of the search of @ ehtelescope was covered by @ SmithsonianChan’s documentary “Black Hole Hunters”.
  3. “the @ehtelescope project collected approximately 1000 disks, 5 petabytes of data, which is equivalent to “all selfies which will take 40k people in their lifetime”,@UOFA Dan Marrone said that in a few weeks’ observation.
  4. The image has been captured by EHT, which shows the shadow cast by the supermassive black hole which is in the center of Messier (M87) – an elliptical galaxy that is approximately 55 million light years away from the Earth.
  5. The light from the black hole ring, which is captured in an image, is far away. How far? The Messier Galaxy is 55 million light-years away. A light year is a distance traveled by light in one year or 365 days at speeds of 3 lakh kilometers per second. (1 light year = 946,000,000,000,000 kilometers or 9.4 trillion kilometers)


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