Paul Pogba lacks discipline, Arsene Wenger reflects on Manchester

Paul Pogba lacks discipline

Paul Pogba lacks discipline:  The former Arsenal boss shows Paul Pogba’s relationship with Arsene Wenger,  Jose Mourinho, referring to the discipline of the midfielder, there is a reason behind the bust-up.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer faced his first loss in terms of affairs in Manchester United as Paris Saint-Germain won a 2-0 win over UEFA Champions League Round 16 in Old Trafford on Tuesday night. This necklace also became a defeat for United Midfielder Paul Pogba, who could not influence the game against the French giants. Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who is currently working as a TV pundit, said that Pogba talked about defects in his game which became a cause of his collapse with Jose Mourinho.

‘Paul Pogba lacks discipline’, Arsene Wenger reflects on Manchester United star’s feud with Jose Mourinho

Wenger himself has had several touchline battles with Mourinho over the past several years. While the Portuguese struggled to get the best from Pogba during their time in United, the Ex-Arsenal boss thought that the inconsistent relationship between the two at Old Trafford was due to the disciplinary issues of French Midfielder.

“Mourinho has always gone with the discipline to everyone,” said 69-year-old beIN Sports. “Pogba is a fantastic football player, but sometimes he lacks discipline, you have a matic and herrea who work for him, so he can express his talent.”

‘Paul Pogba lacks discipline’, Arsene Wenger reflects on Manchester United star’s feud with Jose Mourinho, Wenger also analyzed the change that Manchester United saw immediately after the arrival of Solskjaer. Due to the power retaliation, the magnitude and the positive environment that Norwegian was able to produce in such a short time, it was not noticed by anyone by the Frenchmen.

“He (Solskjaer) gave Manchester United something amazing: an impulse, freedom and a positive,” Wenger insisted. “When Mourinho left, we were able to win the next five games, each victory gives confidence. For me, Man UDT is now a counter-attacking team with many mobile players, in which there is a person in the middle of Pogba, the first Can create the difference. ” For sports news visit

After unbeaten 11 games in all the competitions so far, Manchester United now find themselves on the elimination of Champions League. It seems that a 2-0 home defeat has sealed its fortunes in the competition, while French champions will feel that after a spectacular display at Old Trafford, they have one step in the quarterfinals.


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