Nokia 9 PureView gets Bluetooth certified, Check Price And Specification

Nokia 9 PureView gets Bluetooth certified

Nokia 9 PureView gets Bluetooth certified: The famous Nokia 9 net scene is still vaporware at the moment, but it can change soon – either CES in January or in MWC in February. Three versions of it have been certified by Bluetooth SIG, which is an essential step to launch any new smartphone.

Nokia has model number TA-1082, TA-1087, and TA-1094. The last of those people have also been seen in other certification bodies in the past, such as 3C and MIIT, therefore Nokia 9 is definitely on the way to the market – even if it seems that there is a lovely time there.

Nokia 9 Specifications: Nokia 9 PureView gets Bluetooth certified

Nokia 9 will surprisingly have Bluetooth 5.0 on the board, but this authentication does not reveal any other details. According to the previous reports, the handset will have a 5.9-inch OLED display with a QHD + resolution, helm will have Snapdragon 845 SOC, 8GB RAM, and 4,150 mAh battery. It should be running Android 9 Pie from the first day.

Its most distinctive feature will come back with its seven circular cutouts for an undoubted camera (main RGB, wide angle, tele, monochrome), a depth sensor, a dual-tone LED flash and a mysterious sensor, which can be their laser- For supported autofocus.

But this is of great importance because this type of authentication confirms that these devices are in the final shape and are close to the launch. It will not happen when it will be, but in January with CES 2019 and February, with the MWC 2019, Nokia will focus on two technical business programs.


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