Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant: Google today made several major announcements related to the future of its Subsidiaries, in which new Voices, the ability to teach good manners to the children, the ability to continue negotiation and able to make phone calls o behalf of the user.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that he wants the assistant to be “natural and comfortable to talk”. In this way, users can continue to “O Google”, without hesitation, repeatedly with Assistant to get started every time. If you have any questions, you can ask more until you reach the natural stop point in the conversation. The facility called continuous conversation should be available “in the coming weeks”. Amazon’s Alexa Assistant does this with its follow-up mode. Auxiliary can handle many tasks now, which will allow users to ask for a lot of things at a time.

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant

The most interesting thing is that Google says that the assistant will eventually be able to make a phone call to us. User assistants may be able to use appointments in the salon or doctor’s offices. The live demo Google showed the assistant to make phone calls and then to book a child appointment book. It considered different time slots and compared them to a helpful user’s calendar to find a convenient booking. The demo seemed incredibly impressive and natural.

It is difficult to believe that it will work well in the real world too, but if this happens then it will be life-changing. This facility probably will not be operational at any time soon, though Pichai says that Assistant will soon call businesses to ensure that they know the right hours, especially during the holidays. You will know that this information is automatically updated in Google search, without knowing that the assistant has to call. Calling technique called Duplex is explained in a long Google blog post, which tells how the team is thinking about the latency in responses and the natural rhythm of the assistant.

Google announces tons of new features for Google Assistant, First a detailed declaration

Although it did not make many headlines in the form of some other announcements, the most important thing Google is doing today is Google Assistant Connect, a catch-all term for a set of capabilities for third-party developers. This is the most obvious indication of yet that Google considers this a tool behind Amazon makes it almost plug-in-play for companies to make Alexa compatibility in their products.

This will be some time before seeing any results from Google Associate Connect, but Google will have an immediate effect on the rest of the products and features announced by Google. There is a clean little alarm clock with the assistant made by Lenovo. This is essentially a small version of Google Home Hub, and, thankfully, there is no camera in it, so you are more likely to be ready to keep it in your bedroom


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