NASA greenlights SpaceX capsule test

NASA greenlights SpaceX capsule test

NASA greenlights SpaceX capsule test:- On Friday, NASA delivered SpaceX to test a new capsule, which first tested an unmanned craft with an unmanned craft with the International Space Station. William Gerstenmaier said, “We go for the launch, we go for docking,” Associate Administrator of NASA Human Exploration and Operations.

A Falcon 9 Rocket of US-based SpaceX is scheduled to land the crew dragon test capsule in the ISS on March 2 to allow weather. NASA signed the contract with Space X and Boeing in 2014 to sign US astronauts for ISS.

This will be the first time the US space agency will allow a private sector company to carry its astronauts.

NASA greenlights SpaceX capsule test

NASA ended its space shuttle program in 2011, and since then the US astronauts rely on buying spots on Russian Soyuz rockets to send ISS. “This is a very important first step that we do to return to America to return the capacity of Crew Launch,” Gertenmaier said at a press conference in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The flight of March 2 will be similar to a flight, which is likely to carry two astronauts in ISS later in July.

There are seven seats in the crew dragon capsule. It should be docked with ISS on 3 March, then it should be separated on March 8 and return to Earth. “I guarantee that everything will not work properly, and it’s good, we want to do exactly that,” said Gersteinmaier. “That’s when we want to maximize our education. .. We are ready for a mission of a real crew, and this is the right protection for our employees. ” For the latest news, you can visit

SpaceX has already done more than a dozen unmanned journeys, which is supplying the ISS with the cargo version of the dragon capsule.

But safety norms for unmanned flights are high, and NASA said there are still some problems in the crew dragon, including its parachutes.

“This is a very big thing for SpaceX,” said the company’s vice president, Hans Koenigsmann


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