US-Mexico Border Situation “Growing Crisis”: Donald Trump

US-Mexico Border Situation

US-Mexico Border Situation “Growing Crisis”- Washington: President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he will deliver a prime-time address and will visit the US-Mexico border this week because partial federal government closes after a funding deadlock on their demand for money to build the boundary wall. Entered the 17th day.

This move indicates that the Republican president does not intend to support his pledge to build a wall which believes that it will prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Democrats in Congress say that a wall will be expensive, incompetent and unethical.

However, the pressure to reach a deal is likely to increase as the effect of the shutdown is felt, which includes potential reductions in food ticket programs and delays in tax refunds.

US-Mexico Border Situation “Growing Crisis”: Donald Trump

Vice President Mike Pains said that White House lawyers were evaluating the possibility that Trump can declare a national emergency to secure alternative money for the wall, but Trump did not make a decision on using that strategy. It was not clear whether Trump can use the basis for declaring a national emergency.

Trump plans to visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday, White House Spokesman Sarah Sanders announced On Twitter without giving details. The prospect of travel will expose security concerns as the Justification of the wall by the administration. Shortly after Sanders’ Tweet, Trump said in his own Twitter post that he will address the nation at 9 a.m on Tuesday. To discuss EST (0200 GMT Wednesday) what did he call the human and national Security crisis on the Southern America Border?

US-Mexico Border Situation “Growing Crisis”. Large parts of the federal government closed on Trump demand on December 22 that a bill to keep the federal government involved more than $ 5 billion to pay for a wall on the border with Mexico. About 22 million government workers are working either on or before December 22.

Trump said that on Friday, it can announce a national emergency to build a wall, which will bypass the Congressional authority on funding for the federal government.

The White House did not say whether he planned to make such an announcement, which would almost certainly face the legal challenge, Tuesday night. US-Mexico Border Situation “Growing Crisis”

Trump told reporters that Trump instructed the White House’s budget office to take steps to reduce the impact of the shutdown, including ensuring tax refund.

Pence said that Trump invited the Democrats back to the White House to respond to their latest proposal to resolve the deadlock on the law to fund the government.

Pence, who participated in the weekend discussion on shutdown, said that the Democratic employees said that there will be no talks until the government re-opens.

Trump said that in December, he would be “proud” to lock the government on the wall, and last week MPs said it could be the last month. Trump had left a planned trip to Florida to stay in Washington during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Democrats returned to Washington in the new year, took control of the US House of Representatives, and passed the law to reopen all closed government agencies, but did not include wall financing. This week, they will pass a series of bills to re-open federal agencies after the interaction of the weekend

Trump administration and Democratic negotiators failed to end the deadlock.

On Sunday, Trump promised to not bow down in the money for its demand for the wall but said that the barrier can be made of steel instead of concrete because there is a possible agreement with Democrats who refuse to fund it.

Trump has argued that the wall is essential for national security and it has tried to link the terrorism with illegal immigration, without giving any evidence, as the justification of the plan. Democrats say there is no evidence of suspected terrorists coming through the southern border and Trump has no basis to declare a national emergency on this issue.

Democrats say that other border security measures are more efficient and cost-effective than a wall, which they say is contrary to American values.


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