Delta plus variant: New mutation of corona virus found in Kerala, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh

One more vaccine for coronavirus approved in India

Corona’s new variant Delta Plus has knocked after the second wave of Corona wreaked havoc. In the investigation of 7500 people in Maharashtra, 21 cases of this new variant have been found, which includes 2 people from Mumbai. Out of these 21 cases, maximum of 9 cases have been found in Ratnagiri of Delta Plus variant. 7 cases have been found in Jalgaon, 2 in Mumbai, one in Palghar, one in Thane and one in Sindhudurg district.

All these cases of Delta Plus have been found in the investigation of samples which were taken from 7500 people found corona infected during the second wave. These were sent for genome sequencing on 15 May. The cases of Delta Plus variant of Corona have increased to 20 in the country.

Delta Plus cases found here

The rapidly expanding Delta variant has now been transformed into Delta Plus. In this 15 to 20 cases have been found from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. How fast it spreads is still being investigated. Four people infected with Delta Plus have died in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.

4 year old child hit in Kerala

Delta Plus variant has been found in 2 districts of Kerala. This new variant has been confirmed in three people in Palakkad, Pathanamthitta. Three people include a 4-year-old child.

dangerous mutation occurred

The dangerous second wave of corona virus in the country came due to this variant. Scientists say that another dangerous mutation has occurred in it, which can dodge immunity from the vaccine. However, it is not necessary that every scary mutation turns into a dangerous virus.

Delta Plus is the super-spreader

Of all the variants that have come out so far, Delta has the fastest spread. The alpha variant is also highly contagious, but the delta is 60% more contagious. The Kappa variant, similar to Delta, also appears to have been able to dodge the vaccine, but it did not spread much, while the Delta variant turned out to be a super-spreader.

Immunity can dodge

Two mutations of delta- 452R and 478K can dodge immunity. Both doses of the vaccine are definitely effective on them, but the effect of protection from one dose is less on them. According to a study conducted in Britain, the first dose gives 23% protection against the Delta variant, while it gives 51% protection against the Alpha variant.

Even more dangerous

The delta variant can cause far more serious diseases than the alpha. The risk of hospitalization after contracting this virus is 2.6 times higher. Apart from this, while a person positive with the alpha variant can infect 4 to 5 people, the person infected with the delta variant can infect 5 to 8 people.

In one study, the symptoms of a person infected with delta variant have become increasingly severe. “About 12% of patients become seriously ill within 3-4 days of being infected, compared to only 2-3% of the population earlier,” the study said.


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