Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after the court order

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after the court order- Google has stopped the following from the state’s instructions to stop downloading its access to the very popular video app TikTok in India, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday. This step comes just a few hours after a Southern Tamil Nadu State government rejects the request to suspend the ban on its stamp app by China’s Buydown Technology. The state’s court had told the federal government on April 3 that it banned TikTok, its that it promoted pornography and made child user vulnerable to sexual predators. The decision came after a person banned the application of a public interest petition.

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after the court order

According to an IT Ministry official, the government sent a letter to Apple and Google to follow the court order of the state. The app was still available on Google’s play store in India anymore. Google said in a statement that it does not comment on individual apps but abides by local laws. Apple did not respond to comment requests, while TikTok did not respond immediately to the request for comment on Google’s move.

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after the court order, TikTok, which allows users to create and share short videos with special effects, has become very popular in India But has been Criticize by some politicians who say that it contains is inappropriate. In February it was said that it had been downloaded more than 24o million times in India. More than 30 million users in India established it in January 2019, 12 times more in the same month last year.

The joke, clips, and footage related to the rich movie industry Of India, on the platform of the app, as well as memes and videos in which the youth dance on some scary clad, lip-sync and popular music. The supreme court of India challenged the ban of the Supreme Court of India last week, which stated that it was against the freedom of speech rights in India. The Apex Court sent the case back to the state court, where on Tuesday a judge rejected the request to stop the ban order. K. Neelamegam, who was the lawyer in this matter in this matter, debating against bytedance.

TikTok ban in India: Google blocks Chinese video making app

Tikok had earlier said in a statement that he had faith in the Indian judicial system and he was optimistic about a result that would be well received by millions of users. It did not make any further comments on the judge’s decision. Although the company welcomed the decision to appoint a senior lawyer to assist the court in the upcoming proceedings.

The state court has requested to give written submissions from the Bidens in the matter and its next hearing is scheduled on April 24.

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after the court order, Salman Waris, a technology lawyer from TechLegis Advocates and Solicitors, said that legal action against Bytedance could set an example of Indian courts intervening to regulate content on social media and other digital platforms. For the latest news, you can visit

In the filing of the Supreme Court, Baytedance argued that a very small proportion of the stamp material was considered inappropriate or obscene. The company has employed more than 250 people in India and had more investment plans because it expands the business.


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