Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire, 17 Dead In Fire At Hotel Arpit Palace

Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire

Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire- In Delhi’s Karol Bagh, A Fierce fire Broke out at Hotel Arpit Palace in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. So Far 15 people have died. 26 Fire brigade managed to overcome somehow. A rescue operation is over, the cause of the fire is not known at the moment.

Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire, 17 Died in Massive Fire

At Karol Bagh, the Hotel Arpit Palace, a fire broke out in the week hours of Tuesday, in which 15 people were killed.  A total of 13 people were taken to the RML hospital after the fire, in which no one could be rescued. Five people were taken to Lady Hardinge, two of whom died and three injured were taken to the Gangaram Hospital.

Fire At Hotel Arpit Palace In Delhi’s Karol Bagh, Massive fire

According to information, the fire took place on the upper floor of the of the Hotel. 26 Fire Brigade managed to overcome somehow. The rescue operation is over. However, the reasons behind the fire are yet to be ascertained. According to fire officials, due to the Wooden Panel in the Corridor, people could not be taken out of the corridor way.

People jumping from the panic in the hotel, Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire

According to the Sources, the fire at Hotel Arpit Palace in Karol Bagh took place around 4;30 in the morning. The People who slept in deep sleep before could understand something, the fire went on spreading. After this panic spread among the people According to Chief Fire Officer, 2 people jumped from the building. Given the possibility of some others being trapped in the hotel, the fire brigade was involved in the rescue operation.

Delhi Karol Bagh Hotel Fire, 26 Fire Brigades Control on fire

Fire Officer Sunil Chaudhary said that the fire was being controlled by around 8 a.m. in the morning. The dead bodies of people killed in this accident have also been taken out. About 30 people were taken out of the hotel.

The massive fire, How to fire broke, do not know anything yet

The fire broke out in the hotel around four and a half o’clock in the morning. How this fire spread, it has not been detected yet, according to information.


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