TIK TOK Celebrity Mohit Mor Shot Dead Near Najafgarh – Crime

TIK TOK Celebrity Mohit Mor Shot Dead Near Najafgarh

TIK TOK Celebrity Mohit Mor Shot Dead- In the Najafgarh area on Tuesday evening, the three people from the scooter fired gunshot to the celebrity gym trainer of the Tik Tok. During the firing, the victim got 7 bullets. Mohit’s friend gave the information to the police. Najafgarh police reached the spot, on the statement of the friend, the case has been filed and investigation started. In the initial investigation, the police are looking at the case with mutual exchange and money transactions.

TIK TOK Celebrity Mohit Mor Shot Dead

A police officer said that Mohit Mor, with his family, resides in Bahadurgarh in Haryana and used to work as a trainer at a gym located in Najafgarh. The mother and brother are involved in the family, the father has died a long time ago. Due to the arrival of Najafgarh daily, the relatives of the deceased have purchased the property in Dharmapura of Najafgarh.

Where often Rohit used to stay late on the night. On Tuesday, he went to the photocopy shop to meet his friend. At around 5.16 minutes, three miscreants riding a scooter attacked Mohit at the shop itself. The accused shot 13 rounds of firing on Mohit. Of whom 7 were shot to Mohit, severely injured Mohit died on the spot. Mohit’s friend, who came out after the miscreants, gave the information to the police. Najafgarh police station, after reaching the notice, took possession of the body and started investigations. For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

CCTV incidents

The police team reached the spot and seized the footage of the CCTV cameras near the shop and started the investigation. During the investigation, it has been revealed that all the three miscreants came in white coloured Scooty. But as the street was small, all the three murderers parked on the main street and walked in the street. Where they saw Mohit in the shop, they started shooting at him. After committing the incident, they fled.

TIK TOC Celebrity Mohit

Mohit has 5.17 million followers on the social site Tic Talk. As Mohit’s friends believed, Mohit used to be a gym trainer and singing was very good. Mohit often used to make his songs and other videos and put them on a tick-talk. Because of being very active on the TIK TALK, people used to like it and kept connected with it. This is why he has 5.17 on his tick-talk and 3 thousand followers on Instagram.


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