UP Population Policy: Yogi government will issue new population policy of UP today

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UP Population Policy: Yogi government will issue new population policy of UP today- On World Population Day (July 11), the Yogi government is going to release the new population policy of Uttar Pradesh. In this, a plan to run community based campaigns and programs to control population growth. Earlier, CM Yogi Adityanath had said that poverty and illiteracy are big factors for population expansion. There is also lack of awareness about population in some communities. In such a situation, there is a need for community centric awareness efforts. Let us know what is the plan of Yogi government to stop the increasing population.

Population policy came for the last time in 2000

The last population policy in UP came in the year 2000, which was fixed on the basis of targets till 2016. Now a new population policy is being brought, which will be effective till 2030. The Yogi government also wants that in the new policy, the emphasis should be on focused efforts on maintaining demographic balance among all communities. All necessary efforts should be made along with awareness and better health facilities. Establishment of ‘Health Clubs’ in schools.

Also, arrange for digital tracking of newborns, adolescents and elderly people who are benefiting from the schemes under the Digital Health Mission. Efforts should be made to bring down maternal and child mortality rate to the minimum level through easy availability of better health facilities, proper nutrition.

Target to bring birth rate below 2%

A target has been set to bring the proposed birth rate to 2.1% in the state by 2026. According to the National Family Health Survey-4, the birth rate of UP is currently 2.7%, which is higher than the national average of 2.2%. The target is to bring it down to 1.9% by 2030. For this, the emphasis will be on increasing access to contraceptive measures and improving health facilities under the family planning program.

Better health facilities will help in reducing child mortality and maternal mortality rate. This will encourage planning. The special thing is that special attention has also been given to the health of adolescents in the new policy. Till now, in the anemia and malnutrition campaigns, the focus is on adolescent health. Apart from this, emphasis will also be laid on the care and better facilities of the elderly.

Step towards population control law!

According to sources, the option of legal measures is also being explored to balance the growth rate of population. The State Law Commission is preparing a draft law for population control. In this, preparations are being made to link government schemes, jobs and other facilities with the population.

CM Yogi Adityanath has also said that it is necessary to control the population for the purpose of providing better facilities to all citizens. In such a situation, the steps to be taken in this direction can be reflected in the new population policy.

UP’s population now

It is estimated that at present the population of UP is around 23 crores. According to the 2011 census, the total population of the state was 19 crore 98 lakh 12 thousand 341. Which was 16.5% of the total population of India.

At the same time, Prayagraj of UP was at number one in the state with a population of 59 lakh 54 thousand 391. On the other hand Mahoba was the least populated district of the state with a population of 8 lakh 75 thousand 958.


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