Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party, I-T dept

Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party

Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party- The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Monday said that the searches conducted by the Department of Income Tax (IT) have revealed that the collection of the uncounted cash of about Rs. 281 crore was done through “Business and Politics and Businesspersons”. Well-organized racket public services. A statement was issued in connection with the searches of several Major associates and associates of Madhya Pradesh Chief minister Kamal Nath who started Sunday and Monday.

“a part of the cash was also transferred to the headquarters of a major political party in Delhi, which included about Rs 20 Crore, which was recently hired at the headquarters of the Political party from the residence if a senior official in Tughlak Road was transferred through, New Delhi, “the CBDT said in a statement that without giving the name of party or officer.

I-T dept- Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party

Found in the form of handwritten diaries, computer files and Excel sheets, a great record of collection and disbursement of cash was found and the above Conclusions were confirmed. It has been stated in the statement that so fat 252 bottles of liquor, some arm, and a tiger skin have got unaccounted cash of Rs 14.6 crore.

“The case of violence of model code of conduct is being brought to the notice of ECI (Election commission of India)”, he said. It has also been stated in the statement: “ The searches of a close relative of the senior official in Delhi has further seized the declining evidence which includes the recording of unaccounted transactions of Rs 230 crore from Cashbook recordings. Money has been withdrawn through fake billing. More than Rs evidence of more than 80 companies in 242 million and tax havens”.

On Sunday, I-T started the search and Seizure of a group in NCR, Bhopal. Indore, and Goa on the basis of “Credible” information of “large Scale collection, possession, and movement of illegal properties”. In this operation, more than 300 I.T officers participated in 52 locations in four states. Those who were involved in the raids included officers of special Nath Pravin Kakkar, former Advisor Rajendra Miglani, and their brother-in-law Moser Baer and his nephew Ratul Puri’s company, Hindustan PowerProjects Private Limited.

BJP leaders including National General Secretary Prabhat Jha, State Vice President Rameshwar Sharma and Vijesh Lunavat and convener of the election cell Shantilal Lodha lodged a complaint with the Chief Electoral Office, Madhya Pradesh on Monday evening. “To protect Ashwini Sharma, the police was sent by Chief Minister Kamal Nath. We have lodged a complaint against the MP Police for insulting the CRPF and interfering in the work of the IT department”, Prabhat Jha said.

I-T Raids Expose Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party

Congress leader and Kamal Nath minister Jeetu Patwari said that the Center is working against the spirit of the federal structure of the country and is engaged in political retaliation.

The Election Commission of India observed on Sunday that all “enforcement actions” should be “absolutely neutral”, a person familiar with the matter said that the bureaucrat of a senior finance ministry has written to the body that such action should always be Are neutral, and do predictions. Election Commission officials take action if they come under illegal use in elections and alert the tax department to this effect. For the latest updates, you can visit

Rs 281-cr cash collection racket in MP linked to political party, On the condition of the raid, officers of Special Investigation Team Nand, Special Duty Praveen Kakkar, former Advisor Rajendra Megalani and their brother-in-law Moser Baer and their nephew Ratul Puri, Hindustan PowerProjects Private Limited, IT and officials of the Ministry of Finance said on condition of anonymity. Of oblivion. An official of the CBDT said with the direct knowledge of the matter that the discovery of Miglani and Kakkar was “the result of credible information on the movement of cash”.


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