Nokia 8580 Nokia Watch – It was a Nokia pocket watch from 2002

Nokia 8580 Nokia Watch

Nokia 8580 Nokia Watch: I know that everyone is thinking about just the 5-eye Nokia monster which is most likely to be in MWC2019, so let me take my brain somewhere else, Actually, I will take you back in 2002, The year in which a great sci-fi movie, which is called a minority, is reported in the main role with Tom Cruise.

Nokia 8580 Nokia Watch- Pocket Watch

The film itself is not as important for the story itself, but a concept Nokia phone has been used in it. While checking for the credit, I stumbled over some of the pictures of a weirdly designed watch, which was released in 2002.

Design of the clock was a concept phone based on Nokia’s main designer, who was created by Frank Nuovo for the film. The technique that we saw in the film could not be recreated in the real-life product, so we got a Nokia 8580 called Pocket Watch. There was nothing more than Nokia Pocket Watch or NP-240005 Pocket Watch; Unlike the film prop, which had two screens (a touch sensitive) in a clamshell body. The clock came with fine metal chain so that you can wear it as a necklace. Its functionality was basic, and I did not find a video or manual to see the other options.

Now I know why I eagerly want to see a Nokia watch (smart or hybrid) because Nokia thought back in 2002 in the same way. For a short time, I owned Nokia Steel HR, but he was not just working with Nokia phones. Or any other Android phone. Perhaps the HMD should bring back the previous back of Nokia, notably 8580, but the well-designed Nokia Clock, with  stunning battery life and durable body.


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