Obama Asks Me A Question Every Time We Meet, PM To Akshay Kumar

Obama Asks Me A Question Every Time We Meet

Obama Asks Me A Question Every Time We Meet: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that what is called as “non-political dialogue” with film actor Akshay Kumar, he had never thought that he would one day be heading the country’s top post because his “family background” It was not like that. “The common people do not believe in such things. Being prime minister, thoughts can only be for those who belong to a particular background but my family background is such that if I got a good job then my Mother distributes gud (jiggery). ” For the neighbors, because we never thought ahead of this. We never saw anything outside our village, “he said.

Obama Asks Me A Question Every Time We Meet, PM to Akshay Kumar

He called his visit “unnatural” and unrealistic for the post of Prime Minister. “this journey started and the country accepted me, the responsibilities came in my own way. My personal idea is that it is unnatural because my life and the world are not fit in the current political environment. That’s all” PM Modi said to Akshay Kumar.

There was a time, he said, though he would become a “sanyasi” (hermit) or a solider.

After the third round of the National Election which ended on May 19, the conversation was broadcast on Wednesday, PM Modi’s 7th, Delhi Lok Kalyan Marg Residence.

Before the talk went live, Akshay Kumar wandered those parts, in which he asked PM Modi about his golden schedule, his love for mango and when he was angry, how did he ask? The actor said that chat would provide a “relief” to the Prime Minister from his campaign.

PM Modi shared that every time former US President Barack Obama meets him, he asks a question: “Do you sleep more?” For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

“You only sleep for three or four hours, one body needs at least seven, right,” Akshay Kumar asked. In response, PM Modi shared this issue: “When President Obama met me for the first time, he asked me why do you do this? Now when we meet, ask me if you did that amount Who have you been sleeping or now? “

Akshay Kumar’s secret tweet announced that he was “getting into an unknown and unknown area, I have not done it before”, had given speculation that he was contesting. They said, “Both excited and nervous. Stay continued for updates,” they created a frenzy on Twitter until they made clear that they are not contesting.

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