Corona Effect: Lack of beds, oxygen and funerals | From hospital to crematorium

New Corona symptoms coming from the new strain in the second wave

Corona Effect: Lack of beds, oxygen and funerals – The new wave of Coronavirus across the country is causing many times more havoc than the previous one. The situation is so frightening that a large number of patients are unable to get oxygen and ICU beds in the hospital. The problem is not ending here. In the absence of facilities, the last rites of patients who die for death have also become a major challenge. The family keeps traveling from one hospital to another for the first treatment and when the patient dies, they have to wait a long time in the crematorium or cemetery. Let us make you recount such painful sentences coming out from different states here …

Oxygen and bed shortage in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal, more than 100 hospitals are not getting enough oxygen supply. Hospital operators say that some cylinders are being found in the line for hours. At the same time, patients and their families are troubled due to lack of medical oxygen in the hospitals of Indore. Lack of oxygen is leading to deaths and family committing uproar. For this reason, hospitals are already taking affidavits from their families that if they die due to lack of oxygen, it will be their own responsibility, not the hospital’s administration.

Maharashtra is struggling with short supply of oxygen

The condition of Maharashtra, the worst affected state of Corona, is continuously deteriorating. State hospitals are suffering from lack of oxygen. Seven patients died in a day due to lack of oxygen in Nalasopara area adjacent to Mumbai. At the same time, there was a severe shortage of oxygen at Nagpur Medical College and Hospital. The consumption of oxygen in Maharashtra was 150 tonnes in the beginning of January and February, now 700 tonnes of oxygen is being consumed daily.

The same story of Chhattisgarh

Some hospitals in Chhattisgarh, one of the states most affected by Corona, had complained of a lack of oxygenated beds. Angry over the lack of basic facilities at Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital in Raipur, junior doctors were on strike. There is a lack of oxygen in the hospital. There are people lying outside the Covid Admission Area, they are not getting oxygen bed, having difficulty breathing, they are lying on the ground.

Black marketing of oxygen cylinders in Delhi

There is also a shortage of oxygen in hospitals in Delhi. It is being said in the news that some people are starting to store oxygen cylinders. According to Ayushman, an oxygen cylinder supplier in Green Park, South Delhi, the price of a six-litre aluminium cylinder starts at Rs 6 thousand. The highest demand is for a 10-litre cylinder, which is priced at 7,780. Corona patients whose condition is critical, carry a 40-litre oxygen cylinder, which costs 16 thousand rupees. A customer who came to buy an oxygen cylinder says that the seven thousand cylinders has now become 9 thousand.

There is not enough supply of oxygen even in Gujarat

There are also reports of lack of oxygen from some cities of Gujarat. The demand for oxygen in Ahmedabad hospitals has increased four-fold. Even in Surat, the supply of auxinase is not getting enough. State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, however, says that there is no dearth of oxygen in the state.


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