Pakistani fighter aircraft fighting ‘war’ with Rafale and MiG-29, alarm bells for India!

CAG report on Rafale Deal can be held today in Parliament

Pakistani fighter aircraft fighting ‘war’ with Rafale and MiG-29, alarm bells for India!- Pakistan has now started gearing up to take on the Rafale aircraft of the Indian Air Force. Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter jets are fighting a ‘war’ with Rafale fighter jets in Turkey these days. These Rafale fighter jets belong to the Qatar Air Force, which it has bought from France. These Rafale aircraft are participating in an ongoing air exercise in Turkey these days. Not only this, the Pakistan Air Force is also practising war with MiG-29 fighter aircraft, which are the life of the Indian Air Force.

These days the Anatolian Eagle 2021 exercise is going on in Turkey, Pakistan. In this, 4 Rafale fighter jets of Qatar, two MiG-29s from Azerbaijan and 5 JF-17 fighters from Pakistan are participating. During this, the pilots of the Pakistani Air Force are practising war with both Rafale and MiG-29. This can give them very important information about both the aircraft. Both these aircraft are being used by the Indian Air Force. In such a situation, Pakistani pilots can now learn how to fight with both fighter jets. It is believed that Turkey is also helping in this Pakistani effort.

All the pilots are practicing in absolutely war-like conditions

According to Turkish media reports, this exercise will last till July 3. Turkey claims that the purpose of this exercise is to learn from each other. Also sharing information, combat skills and experiences with each other. All the pilots are practicing in absolutely war-like conditions during this exercise. in order to increase the level of training. In this exercise, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Sweden, Kosovo, Malaysia, Oman, Jordan and Japan have observer status.

Earlier, news of Pakistani pilots being trained for fighter jet Rafale had come to the fore, but it was termed as fake by the French government. A media report was being claimed that Pakistani pilots in France have been given training to fly Rafale jets. In fact, the Gulf country Qatar also bought Rafale aircraft from France. It was reported that Pakistan’s exchange pilots, who are working closely with the Qatar Air Force, were given training to fly it in France. This started the discussion that the fighter pilots of Pakistan had learned to fly it before the pilots of India.

Rafale vs JF-17, who has the power

JF-17 Thunder Block-3 fighter jets have been inducted into Pakistan’s Air Force. Pakistan has manufactured these new fighter planes in the country itself with the help of China. Pakistan has said that these aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art radar systems capable of long-range surveillance and air strike capability. Pakistan Air Force Chief Mujahid Anwar Khan claimed that these aircraft have proved their capability in the war by retaliate for the violation of Pakistani airspace by the Indian Air Force.

Pakistan has developed JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft in collaboration with China. It is a multi-role aircraft that can perform air-to-air and air-to-ground strikes. China has added some new things to it, after which its capacity has increased. PF-15 missiles are being used in this, which also has an infrared system. The range of this missile is 300 km and it is one of the most advanced missiles. When the PF-15 missiles were added to it, the US also protested. The range of missiles used in Rafale is less than this.

Rafale fighter jet is equipped with deadly missiles and bombs

Rafale has been modified according to the needs of India. The range of Rafale is 3,700 km, it can carry four missiles with it. The length of Rafale is 15.30 meters and height is 5.30 meters. The wingspan of Rafale is just 10.90 meters which makes it ideal aircraft for flying in mountainous areas. Due to the small size of the aircraft, it is easy to maneuver. Rafale is equipped with Beyond Visual Range missiles in India. That is, it can be flown without seeing the target plane. The Rafale has an active radar seeker, which provides the facility to operate the jet in any weather. Missiles like the Scalp Missile or Storm Shadow can easily destroy any bunker. Its range is about 560 km. Rafale is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.


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