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PM inspects the guard of honour at NCC rally

PM inspects the guard of honour at NCC rally:- While addressing the cadets of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the NCC rally organized in Delhi, our army has made if someone teases us then we do not even leave.

new Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally organized in Delhi to guard the guard of honor. After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the NCC cadets. He said at the beginning of his speech, ‘Whenever I come to interact with you, many memories of the past arise. This day which you are living today, I have also got to live these moments. ‘ Simultaneously, PM Modi said that our army has given a clear message that we do not wander but do not leave on teasing.

PM inspects the guard of honour at NCC rally

Addressing NCC cadets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Our army has given a clear message that we do not tease, but if someone teased us, we would not even leave. We are a strong supporter of peace, but we will not miss any step in protecting the nation. This is the reason that in the last four and a half years many important decisions have been taken while keeping the country’s security and security paramount. ‘

PM inspects the guard of honour at NCC rally |‘India has the ability to attack with water, land, land’

“India has been involved in select countries of the world, who has the ability to take nuclear, nuclear attack and self-defense from water, land, and land, PM Modi said. Apart from this, agreements related to fighter jets and modern guns for decades have been launched on the ground. From the missile to the country, tanks, ammunition, and helicopters are being made. You assure the young colleagues that every major and hard decision will be taken in the future that is essential for the security of the nation. If the nation is safe, then the youth will be able to fulfill their dreams. ‘

‘Cadets did the commendable work’

Encouraging the youth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘You have come here from different regions of the country. All of you are from different backgrounds. I realize the hard work of all of you. I will only tell you that this hard work enables us. You do not need to go a long way to know what is the result of diligence. Many fellow associates, from within you, recently gave a wonderful feeling of pride to the country. Daring activities like mountaineering and trekking, or the task of blowing the tricolor in the playground, many cadets have come forward. ‘

‘Hema Das reached the level of balancing the fields on the laths’

“The world is proudly known today, to the Cadet Hima Das of the North East Director, The Prime Minister said. Running on paddy fields, balancing the trails of the fields, Hima Das has reached this level today. Hima made the country proud in the first junior athletics championship, then in the Asian Games, making the opportunities inadequate. When I see such youthful talents, when I get it, trust is strengthened, I get the power to empower this trust. ‘

PM inspects the guard of honour at NCC rally, Cadets praise for help during floods in Kerala

Not only that, PM Modi said at the beginning of his address, “When I came between you last year, I had requested you, appealed to you for active contribution in the important subjects related to the country and society. Last year NCC cadets added themselves with several important steps. In particular, the contribution of NCC cadets in relief and rescue operations after the floods in Kerala is very commendable. The text of cooperation and dedication you have learned here has been implemented by you in Kerala. ‘


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