Got life! The dead body will rise even after death, know what scientists have discovered?

Got life! The dead body will rise even after death, know what scientists have discovered?

Throughout human history, many people have longed for immortality. But, his dream could never come true because of the difficult complexities of science. Now it is being claimed that the dream of immortality of humans can be fulfilled in this era. For this, a US-based company has launched a plan. The company has claimed that it can keep humans alive even after they die. For this, you will have to pay a hefty fee from year to year.

Know the plan of American company

The Alcor firm, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, has positioned itself as a leading company in the field of cryonics. Through this technique the body is frozen after death. It is claimed that they can be resurrected later. After legal death, the brains of corpses are filled with liquid nitrogen and frozen. It is expected that these corpses can be brought to life later by some special technology.

The fee for freezing the dead body is $2 million

The Alcor firm has set a fee of $2 million to freeze an entire body. In Indian rupees this amount is around 15 crores. This amount has to be paid once. The company has also kept a fee of $ 705 for protection every year after death. The one-time fee for a neuro patient is $80,000. In this, only the mind given to the patient is preserved.

The company’s CEO praised, said insurance will get money

The company’s British CEO Max More said the process is actually very economical for a lot of people. Most people think I don’t have two million dollars or 80 thousand dollars. When I too had taken this policy, then I did not even have money. I signed up as a student in England, I was quite poor. Many people in our team have paid the fees for this policy with life insurance money.

So far the dead bodies of 184 patients have been frozen

If you can afford to go to Starbucks every two days for coffee, you can also get a Cryonics membership, he said. Alcor currently has 1,379 members, including 184 patients who have died and their bodies are under cryonic process. The membership plan fee is $660 per year for the first member of the family. In which there is a discount of about 50 percent for every relative who is above 18 years of age.


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