Lalu Yadav News: If Tejashwi and our wife were not there, we would have ended us in Ranchi itself

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Lalu Yadav News: If Tejashwi and our wife were not there, we would have ended us in Ranchi itself- Lalu Prasad Yadav, who came out of jail after a long time, addressed the workers in a virtual way at the RJD 25th Foundation Day celebrations of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). During this, where he praised his two sons Tejashwi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav. At the same time, RJD supremo said that if Tejashwi Yadav and Rabri Devi were not there, I would have ended up in Ranchi. These people admitted me to AIIMS. Dr Rakesh Yadav is treating us. We will come to Patna very soon and make our presence felt in every district. Presently in the government quarters of MISA. The RJD chief said that we have the power of the people with us, minorities, Dalits, backward, most backward poor are all with us.

Lalu Yadav told how RJD was formed

Lalu Yadav said that when everyone separated from Janata Dal, then we also got separated. In case of confusion, I gathered all my colleagues and held a meeting in Bihar Bhawan and formed RJD. There was talk about naming the party. Then I called Ramkrishna Hegde ji. So he named it Rashtriya Janata Dal. We have been fighting since then. We fought for the implementation of Mandal Commission. We had come to Gorakhpur by train. The government of that time thrashed us a lot, but we did not give up our intention. We including Jannayak Karpoori Thakur were arrested from India Gate. JP Babu had said that the entire revolution is for the people sitting at the last rung of society.

Said to the workers – Bihar elections kept on yearning to meet you people

Lalu Yadav said that during the Bihar assembly elections, I was yearning to meet you people. There was constant talk with Tejashwi Yadav. He said that Papa, do not worry, the public is with you. When I came into politics, the poor were not allowed to sit on the cot, they were not given a seat in the bus or train. We gave them rights. There was a culture of booth capturing in our times, we got it right in association with the Election Commission. We used to shout slogans, ‘Jekar haath mein chakka ba, okar jeet pakka ba’. Along with Karpoori Thakur, we used to shout slogans ‘Thakur will bring your aspirations to Delhi’. The times have changed, today there is equality in the society. The future of Rashtriya Janata Dal is very bright. I saw five or five prime ministers and worked to make them. We did not care if we were not made ministers at the center in those days. When Nitish Kumar was distraught, he made him the Minister of Agriculture by speaking.

Lalu Yadav said – We have the power of the people with us

Lalu Yadav said that we have the power of the people with us, minorities, Dalits, backward, most backward poor are all with us. Corona is like a holocaust. But more than that, inflation and unemployment are breaking their backs. If the price of petrol, diesel increases in our government, people will not allow us to run, but today people are compelled. Today the price of petrol is trailing that of Ghee. In Bihar, we announced 10 lakh jobs, then BJP people gave their number as 20 lakh and took votes. But did nothing. There has been devastation in every area across the country.

‘The country has gone back thousands of years, because of Corona and the current government’

The RJD chief also said that the country has gone back thousands of years, due to Corona and the current government. We cannot meet each other at this time. The third phase of Corona is about to come. The number of deaths that have occurred in the country from Corona cannot be counted. There have been countless deaths in Bihar due to lack of medical treatment. Those who died in the village died, many lives were lost in the city too. Nothing was managed. Today this country is far behind us. It is not an easy thing to accomplish. The economic crisis and on the other hand the social fabric is being fractured. Sometimes the slogan is ‘Mathura after Ayodhya’. What do these people want for power? The only thing I would say to the people of RJD is that they keep working to strengthen the social fabric.

‘We want to assure the people that we will disappear but will not bow down’

The RJD supremo said that today the situation is that even the Parliament is not functioning regularly. We want to assure people that they will be erased but will not bow down. Our government is called Jungle Raj. The roti was being cooked from only one side on the tawa, we worked to turn it. Our kingdom was not Jungle Raj, but Janraj. The shepherd’s school was a message that education was arranged with the stomach. People joke that he sent his sons out and opened a shepherd’s school for the poor. The youth workers of the party should be continuously trained. People believe that there is only one party RJD which can solve all the problems. Right now there is no such day in Bihar when there is no blood in four or five places. Needless to say about devastation, corruption. We used to say in the countryside, when the mouse is fat, it will become a lodha. Even today lakhs of people of Bihar go out of the state. When the laborers started returning, RJD workers made arrangements to take them home.


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