Sushil Kumar revealed, Sagar Dhankar killed for holding collar; Learn the full story of that night

Acts of Sushil Kumar- don of Dubai to the gangster

Olympian Sushil Kumar (Sushil Kumar) and his associates arrested in the case of junior wrestler Sagar Dhankar Murder Case are on remand of Delhi Police. Apart from Sushil Kumar, the team of Crime Branch of Delhi Police is constantly questioning and cross-checking their statements.

Know the story behind death

What is the truth of the murder charge against Olympian Sushil Kumar? When the reporter investigated it, it was found that the wrestler Sagar Dhankhar was killed in the Chhatrasal Stadium on the night of May 4, it was not a fight in a rage, but a feeling of revenge. As a matter of fact, on the day of the crime, the notorious gangster Kala Jathedi’s nephew Sonu, Ravindra and others had a fight with a Sushil wrestler over a Delhi Model Town flat. They dominated Sushil and grabbed the collar of his shirt. Not only this, he also ran while threatening to see him.

Sushil went into disgrace due to insult

After the quarrel, Sushil Kumar (Sushil Kumar) went insulted. Angry and tense, he decided to take revenge on the same day. For this, Sushil resorted to crooks of the infamous Neeraj Bawana and Asauda gang. Sushil saw the miscreants from Haryana within a few hours, and beat Sonu and his companions badly that very night. Sagar suffered a serious head injury in the incident, due to which he died in the hospital.

Sushil Kumar was insulted at Chhatrasal Stadium

The background of beating Sonu, Sagar and others was suddenly ready in the day itself on May 4. Police say that when Sushil Kumar came to Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi during the day, there were no more wrestlers with him. Suddenly he was heard from Sonu, Sagar, Amit, Bhaktu, Ravindra and Vikas in the stadium. Sushil was also humiliated in a tremendous way, Sushil had left the stadium at that time, but to avenge the humiliation, he immediately decided to teach them a lesson.

Sushil made a plan to avenge the insult

After this, Sushil Kumar (Sushil Kumar) along with Ajay and other colleagues immediately called the miscreants and called them from Haryana to Delhi. First all gathered at some other place. Many people drank and ate food there. After this, those people, riding in 5-6 cars, reached Ravindra’s house in Shalimarbagh at 12 o’clock in the night. Ravindra was at that time standing in front of a shop under his house and eating ice cream. Ravindra and his partner Vikas were kidnapped by sitting in their cars. After this, all reached near Sonu’s flat in Model Town. From there, Sonu, Sagar Dhankhar, Amit and Bhaktu were all seated in cars and brought them to Chhatrasal Stadium at around one o’clock at night.

Chhatrasal Stadium beat up in parking lot

In the parking area of ​​Chhatrasal Stadium, he surrounded all six wrestlers and started beating them badly with sticks, hockey sticks etc. in Sushil and the miscreants who came with him. After this, the injured Sagar Dhankar (Sagar Dhankar) was taken to Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital. After this he was shifted to AIIMS Trauma Center, where he died in the morning.


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