6 innocent children killed in US drone attack in Kabul- Joe Biden in question

Army Chief said- We are developing capabilities to deal with the drone threat

6 innocent children killed in US drone attack in Kabul- Joe Biden in question- 9 civilians, including 6 children, have also died in a US drone attack on a suicide bomber of the Islamic State Khorasan in the Afghan capital Kabul. It is being told that all these 9 people were members of the same family. After this incident, US President Joe Biden’s action against ISIS has come under question.

According to the report of American TV channel CNN, nine members of the same family, including six children, have been killed. Earlier, the Central Command of the US Army had said that they were assessing the casualties of civilians. Earlier, a US drone strike in Kabul targeted a vehicle carrying several suicide bombers of an Islamic State affiliate. Officials said the suicide bombers wanted to target a US military evacuation operation at Kabul International Airport.

A state of great anarchy since the capture of the Taliban

The attack comes at a time when the United States is conducting a historic evacuation operation from Afghanistan, in which thousands have been evacuated from Kabul’s international airport. Afghanistan has been in a state of chaos since the Taliban took over two weeks ago. The Taliban have stepped up security around the airfield following a suicide attack carried out by an affiliate of the Islamic State group. More than 180 people were killed in that suicide attack. Britain ended its evacuation flights on Saturday.

US military cargo planes continued to take off from the airport on Sunday, ahead of a Tuesday deadline set by US President Joe Biden to withdraw all troops from America’s longest war. However, Afghan civilians left in the country are concerned about the Taliban returning to their previously repressive regime. This fear has recently been strengthened after the insurgents shot dead a folk singer in the country. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid earlier said in a message to reporters that the attack targeted one attacker, who was driving a vehicle laden with explosives. Mujahid gave some more information.

Indication of the presence of sufficient explosive material

Two US military officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, called the airstrike a success. He said that after the airstrike, there were other explosions, indicating the presence of a sufficient amount of explosive material in the vehicle. This airstrike is the second attack by the US after a suicide attack near Kabul airport. On Saturday, an attack in Nangarhar province killed an Islamic State member believed to be involved in planning attacks against the US in Kabul.


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