CRPF jawan in the possession of Naxalites: hostage was made in Bijapur attack

CRPF jawan in the possession of Naxalites

CRPF jawan in the possession of Naxalites: hostage was made in Bijapur attack- Rakeshwar Singh, who was missing after the Bijapur encounter on 3 April, is in the possession of the Naxalites. Naxalites have released a photo of him. In this, Rakeshwar of CRPF’s Cobra Battalion is seen sitting in the camp of Naxalites.

CRPF jawan in the possession of Naxalites

Naxalites have said that Rakeshwar is safe. There are reports of being in Jagaragunda area of ​​Rakeshwar. It is also being said that the place where the jawan is kept is in the vicinity of the village, forest and hills.

Naxalites asked for names of middlemen for jawan’s release
Naxalites are constantly claiming that Rakeshwar is in their possession. Earlier, the Naxalites had made a WhatsApp call and told the media that the jawan was with them. A day earlier, the Naxalites had issued a press note saying that the government should mention the names of the mediators for talks, after which they will hand over the jawans.

Discussions can be held today in the name of arbitrators
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has called a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to review the corona infection. During this time, there are also signs of discussion on the names of mediators for talks with the Naxalites. Home Minister Tamra Dhwaj Sahu said on Tuesday that he had not seen the letter of the Naxalites, but heard it. A decision will be taken in this regard only after speaking to the Chief Minister.

CRPF is planning operation for search
CRPF DG Kuldeep Singh had said, “One of our jawans is missing, it is rumored that he is in the possession of the Naxalites, right now we are confirming this news and also planning an operation for the jawan”.

In the Naxalite attack on 3 April in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, 23 soldiers were killed. The attack has raised questions about the strategy and operation of the officers sitting at the top level. Questions are arising whether the attack could have been avoided? Did planning happen in a hurry and hastily launched the operation? Was the strategy weak and officers did this operation in adventure to do something stormy?

CRPF jawan in the possession of Naxalites

5 questions raised on the operation

1. Naxalites are running counter-offensive campaigns, why did they not pay attention to it?

Security Advisor for 7 years. Vijay Kumar has been present in Chhattisgarh for a fortnight now. They are well aware that where the operation was planned, there is always a large number of Naxalites. Apart from this, Naxalites are running TCOC (Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign). That is the counterattack on the operation of the security forces. Why was this not taken into consideration?

2. Against the current weather Naxalites, at the moment they remain extra alert, why not take care of it?

The weather at this time leaves the leaves of the trees in it. Visibility increases in forests. Water bases are reduced and in such a situation, Naxalites cannot remain confined to their inaccessible safe-havens. So they run TCOC. They take extra vigilance under TCOC. They know that under these circumstances, the security forces can conduct operations. This is also what happens. Security forces increase their operations, but also take special care of the alertness of the Naxalites. Accordingly, they do operational planning so that they can Dominate. Perhaps it was sidelined in the operation in Bijapur?

3. Information was for a long time, then why did you suddenly do such an operation plan?

It is completely inconceivable that the security advisor was sent there on notice of the presence of a large number of Naxalites in the Tarrem of Bijapur. He camped continuously and planned the operation and supervised it, while the information about the Naxalites would have been there for a long time. It is not that the security advisor felt that I had been on the post for a long time and could not do anything big. So they planned the operation with the intention of doing adventure or something stormy?

4. Why not do backup planning keeping in mind the alertness of Naxalites?

It is clear from the Naxalite attack that the security forces were trapped in the trap. Security advisors and top officials of the security forces were in the same area for a long time. Given the information system of the Naxalites, it cannot be denied that they were already aware of this operation. In these circumstances, the damage done during the operation can never be completely avoided. The surprising thing is that while doing the operation plan, the top-level officials did not take this into consideration. Why didn’t they think about what would be the backup plan in the event of loss during the encounter?
Naxals opened fire for 4 hours. The soldiers trapped in Ambush could not get help till the last moment. Why was this not taken care of during planning? The situation was that even after 24 hours of the encounter, the rescue and medical team could not reach the spot. The Air Force had to enlist the help of martyrs to track the bodies.

5. 300 martyrs in 10 years in this area, why not take lessons?

In the area of ​​Bijapur in which the encounter took place, 300 soldiers have been martyred in 10 years within a radius of 25 km. In 2010, around 76 soldiers were martyred in this area. The place where 17 police personnel were martyred in 2020 is also close. Why did both the officers and the government not learn from the past? The job of a security consultant is to create long-term strategy and coordination between agencies. Do not plan an operation that can be traced to Naxalites in advance. Now the failure in planning is being hidden from the martyrdom.


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