10% Reservation for Economically Weaker sections, face a legal hurdle

10% Reservation for Economically Weaker sections

10% Reservation for Economically Weaker sections:- Reservation For Upper Caste The Modi government surprised everyone by giving 10 percent reservation to poor people on Monday. Now the amendment will be amended in the Constitution to implement this decision, which will be presented on Tuesday amendment bill in Lok Sabha.

10% Reservation for Economically Weaker sections, face a legal hurdle

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the Narendra Modi government of the Center has stamped on a reservation for poor people. This decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being considered as a masterstroke before the election. Under this decision, 10% reservation will be given to the upper castes in the field of government jobs and education. After the cabinet stamp, the constitution amendment bill will be introduced in Parliament for this today.

The Bhartiya Janta Party has issued Whip for all its MPs to be present in the house, Whereas Congress already issued Whip for its MPs to attend Monday and Tuesday.

The big challenge before the government in Parliament

The winter session of the Parliament was completely spent in a rage over the alleged disturbances in the Rafale Aircraft deal. Now today is the last day of the session, in such a way the government has the challenge of presenting and passing this bill. That too when the opposition is completely aggressive. Assuming the sources, the Modi government can also consider setting forth the session to pass this bill.

It is also worth noting that if the government has to implement the Constitution Amendment Bill, it is necessary to pass it both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The NDA government has a majority in the Lok Sabha but the position of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha is strong. In such a situation, the government’s decision is to be a test.

Yes-Yes, the opposition framed in the no-no

This decision of the central government is being considered as a masterstroke, so many parties have already been demanding it. This was the reason that when the Cabinet decided on Monday, no political party strongly opposed it. Just question the Government’s intention to announce before the election. The Congress had made it clear on Monday that the party will support this decision, but when Narendra Modi will give jobs to the youth. However, Congress has also questioned the timing of the central government. Apart from the Congress, many other parties have not even directly opposed the government’s decision.

10% Reservation for Economically Weaker sections, What is the Modi cabinet decision?

Actually, the Narendra Modi government of the Center, taking a big decision, surprised everyone on Monday. Under this decision, 10 percent reservation will be given to the economically weaker sections of the society in government jobs and education sector. For this, some conditions were also kept from the government.

Who will get the benefits of reservation?

  • Whose annual Income is less than 8 lakhs
  • those who have land under cultivation less than 5 hectares
  • who have less than 1000 square feet house
  • Who have less than 109 yards of land in the Corporation
  • Who have less 109 yards of non-notified land of Corporation
  • Who had not yet Come under any kind of reservation
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