Modi’s address on Corona: PM said – the country has to be saved from lockdown

PM Modi condemns Christchurch attack

Modi’s address on Corona- Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country’s name on Tuesday. This was his 8th message in the last 13 months of Corona. On one hand, many state governments are putting a lockdown, but the Prime Minister in his message advised to avoid it. They said, ‘Friends! In today’s situation, we have to save the country from lockdown. I would also request the states to use lockdown as the last option. Have to try hard to avoid lockdown. The focus is on the micro-containment zone itself. ”Modi’s advice to the states means that the central government is not yet thinking of putting a lockdown across the country.

Modi mentioned Navratri, Ram Navami and Ramadan. Explained the vaccine, oxygen and drug supplies and thanked the frontline workers. He said that children can play an important role in preventing elders from leaving the house without need. Read, the big things of the 19-minute Prime Minister’s address…

The second wave of Corona worsened the situation

Initiating the address, Modi said, “Today the country is fighting a very big fight against Corona today. Till a few weeks ago, the situation was stable. Now this second wave came as a storm. I am fully aware of the pain you have suffered, the suffering you are suffering. On behalf of all the countrymen who have lost their loved ones in the past, I express my condolences to them. As a family member, I am involved in your grief. The challenge is big, but we have to overcome it with our determination, courage and preparation. ‘

Praised the medical staff and the police

Modi said, ‘Friends! Before elaborating, I would like to appreciate all the doctors, medical-para medical staff, scavengers, ambulance drivers, security forces, policemen. You also had your life at stake in the first wave of Corona. Today, you are working day and night to save the lives of others, leaving your family, happiness and worries in this crisis again. It has been said in our scriptures that we should not lose patience even in the harshest times. If we take the right decision to deal with any situation, then only we can achieve victory. Keeping this mantra in front, today the country is working day and night. ‘

Focus on arranging oxygen

‘This time the demand for oxygen has increased in many parts of the country in the Corona crisis. This subject is being worked on rapidly and with full sensitivity. The central government, state governments, private sector, all are trying their best to provide oxygen to every needy. Measures are also being taken at several levels to increase oxygen production and supply. Every effort is being made to deliver 1 lakh new cylinders to states, medical use of oxygen used in industries, oxygen rail.

Beds and facilities will increase in hospitals

This time the pharma sector has increased the production of drugs. Today, many times more drugs are being produced than in January-February. It is still being expedited. Yesterday also I had a discussion with the leading people of the pharma industry of the country. The help of pharmaceutical companies is being taken to increase production. We are fortunate that our country has such a strong pharma sector that makes very good and fast medicines. Along with this, the work of increasing the number of beds in hospitals is also going on fast. In view of the high demand in some cities, special and large Kovid hospitals are being built.

The world’s cheapest vaccine in the country

‘Last year, when only a few Corona patients appeared, work started for an effective vaccine at the same time. Scientists have created a vaccine day and night. The cheapest vaccine is in India. In this endeavour, our private sector has demonstrated the spirit of innovation and enterprise. Assistance has been increased with the approval of the vaccine and keeping the regulatory process fast-tracked. ‘

12 crore vaccine doses given in the country

‘The world’s largest vaccination was launched in India with two Made in India vaccines. Along with the pace, it was emphasized that the vaccine should reach more and more areas and needy people. The world’s fastest 10 million, then 11 million and now 12 million vaccine doses have been given in India. Today, in this fight with Corona, we are encouraged that our healthcare workers, frontline corona warriors and senior citizens have benefited from the vaccine. ‘

A vaccine to all people above 18 years

‘Friends! Yesterday, we have also taken another important decision regarding the vaccine. From May 1 onwards, anyone over 18 years of age can be vaccinated. Now the states and hospitals will get half of the vaccine that will be made in India. As before, free vaccines will continue to be available in government hospitals. Our poor families, middle class, lower middle-class families will get the benefit of this. The effort of all of us is to save lives, the way of effort is being kept that economic activities and livelihoods are minimally affected. ‘

State Governments should keep the faith of the people

Modi said, ‘By opening the vaccination to people above 18 years of age, the urban workforce will get the vaccine faster. Workers will also get vaccines faster. I urge the state administration to keep the trust of the workers alive. Urge them to stay where they are. This trust of the states will help them a lot that in the city they are in, there will be a vaccine in the next few days and their work is also not stopped.


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