After corona, the risk of black fungus is increasing now, 6 new patients found today

B.1.618 Covid Variant: Another form of corona causing havoc!

After corona, the risk of black fungus is increasing now, 6 new patients found today- Cases of black fungus in post-covid patients continue to increase. On Friday, six more new black fungus patients emerged from different districts of the state. These include two patients at Patna AIIMS and three patients at Vellore ENT Center on Boring Road. Apart from this, a patient of Sasaram has been admitted to the Reena Devi Memorial Kovid Dedicated Hospital at Kudra in Kaimur district.

Among the two patients admitted to Patna AIIMS, one is from Patna and the other from Muzaffarpur, while the three patients who came to the Vellore ENT Center included those from Aurangabad, Patna and Buxar. Dr. Gaurav Ashish successfully performed the three patients suffering from black fungus at Vellore ENT Center. After this, all three patients were discharged.

Thus, in the last three days so far, a total of 16 patients of black fungus have been reported from different districts of Bihar. A total of six patients are undergoing treatment at AIIMS. On Friday, two new patients who appeared in AIIMS were infected with Kovid. One of them was hospitalized for a long time. One has swelling on his face and eye light has gone away. The second patient is still in a state of unconsciousness despite being admitted.

There are now 16 patients of black fungus in Bihar. One or two cases of black fungus are coming out every day. Kovid Nodal Officer of Patna AIIMS, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar said that a patient of black fungus has also caught his brain. At the same time, six patients of black fungus have now been found in Patna AIIMS, two in IGIMS, two in Ruban and two patients in Paras.

Take a controlled dose of steroids as advised by the doctor

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar of AIIMS says it is a fungal infection. It only occurs when the body’s immunity is very weak. Someone has been ill for a long time or has been hospitalized for a long time or has been on ventilator for a long time. If the body is weak enough, this fungus catches the nose, face, throat, eyes and brain.

Steroid medicine is very effective in treating Kovid, but people should use it only with the advice of a doctor. People take steroid medicine uncontrollably on their mind. Especially those who are already suffering from cancer, sugar, kidney or any long-term disease, such patients need extreme caution. During the covid infection, the body becomes very weak. Steroids misuse the medicine without doctor’s advice. People take uncontrolled doses in the process of quick recovery.

These are the symptoms of black fungus

Face, teeth, eyes, nose and headache. Watery nose and bleeding. Black crust in the nose, swelling of the eye, redness, loss of light or loss, the exit of the eye.


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