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PM Narendra Modi In South Korea Live Updates

PM Narendra Modi In South Korea Live Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here on a two-day visit to strengthen India’s strategic relationship with South Korea and to increase bilateral cooperation in various sectors including trade and investment. Prior to his visit, the Prime Minister described South Korea as one of the key initiatives of India’s main initiative such as ‘Make in India’, and said that both countries share values and vision for regional and global peace as the democracy. We do.

PM Narendra Modi In South Korea Live Updates

Modi is visiting South Korea on the invitation of President Moon Jae-in. This is their second visit to the Republic of Korea since 2015 and the second summit with the President Moon Jae-in.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said that this visit will strengthen India’s special strategic partnership with South Korea and add mobility to Look East Policy.

During the visit, Prime Minister Modi faced bilateral and business engagements, exposed Mahatma Gandhi and accepted the Seoul Peace Prize, Kumar said in a tweet.

Earlier in his farewell statement, Modi said that his visit shows the importance that “we both engage with our relationship”.

“We consider the Republic of Korea a valued friend, a nation with whom we have a special strategic partnership. As fellow democracies, India and ROK have a shared vision for shared value and regional and global peace, “the Prime Minister said.

“As partner market economies, our needs and strengths are complementary. “South Korea is an important partner for our ‘Make in India’ and ‘Clean India’ initiative along with our In Make In India initiative,” Modi said.

He said that cooperation between the two is encouraging in the field of science and technology, in which joint research from basic to advanced science. For the latest updates, you can visit

“Our people always exchange friendships and relations with people.”, They said.

“While working together, we are determined to take forward our relationship as a future-oriented partnership for our people, prosperity and peace.”, The Prime Minister said.


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