Woman gave birth to 9 children instead of 1-2, know where this unique case came to be

Woman gave birth to 9 children instead of 1-2

Woman gave birth to 9 children instead of 1-2, know where this unique case came to be- The birth of two, three or four children simultaneously from the womb of the same mother is a bit common, but what if we tell you that a woman has given birth to nine children simultaneously. In fact, a woman in Mali surprised everyone by giving birth to 9 children simultaneously in Morocco on Tuesday. The news is that all the children are completely healthy. The Mali government sent 25-year-old Halima CJ to Morocco on 30 March for good care. Earlier, it was believed that Halima has 6 children in her womb. The birth of 6 children from a fetus simultaneously is unusual and the birth of 9 children is even more unusual.

Morocco’s Health Ministry spokesman Rachid Koudhury said he had no information about the birth of 9 such children in the country. But Mali’s health ministry said in a statement that Halima has given birth to five girls and four boys by caesarean section. Mali’s health minister Fanta Sibi told AFP “mother and baby are healthy so far”.

Many such unique cases are seen at times. Recently, a 21-year-old woman from Britain was taken aback when she gave birth to a child. Not only the women but also the doctors who delivered it were surprised. Actually, everyone felt that there are twins in the womb of the woman, but in reality, everyone was blown away after seeing the same fat and fresh baby.

Born 5 kg 800 g baby

This case of pregnancy has come out of Oxfordshire, UK. 21-year-old Amber Cumberland, who lives here, was very excited about her pregnancy. Seeing the way his stomach was puffed up, everyone thought that Amber had a twin baby in her stomach. But when the child was born, all proved to be wrong.

After Amber’s delivery, everyone was shocked. The weight of the child was five kg 800 grams. It has received the title of the second heaviest baby girl in the UK. Seeing the size of the girl, everyone was amazed. Earlier in 2012, a UK woman gave birth to the heaviest baby. His weight was 6 and a half kilos.


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