By adopting these five sanctions, Britain defeated Corona, is it not possible in India?

Corona uncontrollable in Delhi

By adopting these five sanctions, Britain defeated Corona, is it not possible in India? The second wave of Corona infection is causing havoc in India, but the second wave of Britain was also very dangerous, due to which the UK was successful. Today, Britain is one of the few large countries in the world, where the rapid infection has started to decline. Let us know what methods Britain succeeded in adopting. Can Corona be defeated if India too follows the path of Britain?

Like India, new strains created havoc

The reason behind Britain’s second wave was the new Corona variant B117. Changes in the genetic elements of the coronavirus led to the development of this variant, which was 70 percent more contagious. By December, London alone accounted for 62% of those infected with this variant. The coronavirus with this variant also spread to India, America, Africa and America. In the first week of January, between 60 to 67 thousand patients were being found here every day. The highest number of 1823 patients died here on 20 January.

Coronavirus with 23 mutations

The second wave has become powerful in India due to the rapid spread of double mutation Corona variants at this time. Whereas the variant that caused the second wave in Britain was the coronavirus with 23 mutations. Currently, Corona is witnessing the devastation in India. However, some restrictions are also in place to control this.

So let’s know how Britain survived Corona’s havoc

  1. Strict lockout: Strict national lockout was done here in early January. Then every day more than 60 thousand patients were coming and deaths had increased by 20%. After three months of this lockout, now the daily cases have reduced to less than 3 thousand.
  2. Delay in the first dose: In order to have rapid vaccination, the government increased the duration of taking the second dose of vaccine from one month to three months. This led to a supply crisis and the rapid development of the first vaccine enabled people to temporarily develop the ability to fight infection. Here 63.02 people got the dose on Harsau people, which led to a 95% drop in deaths.
  3. Strictness in Hospitals: Dr. Nishit Sood, MD of St. Thomas Hospital, London, said that in order to avoid a shortage of beds in hospitals, the hospital managers made a rule to recruit only the most serious patient. Strict monitoring of things such as giving beds or ventilators to any person resulted in strict monitoring. He says that 99 percent of the patients are mildly symptomatic, saving only one percent of medical resources for very serious people.
  4. Adherence to Avoidance Rules: The government imposed heavy penalties for not applying masks for extremely strict adherence to the Kovid protocol. In open spaces too, more than six people were banned from standing together, including children. Bar-restaurant etc. were completely switched to takeaway mode. Also, once a positive report comes, a strict restriction is imposed on those who report again so that resources are not wasted.
  5. Attention to tests: After finding a new version or variant of corona infection, contact tracing, screening of COVID-19 and genome sequencing were expedited so that the faster the infection is spread, the faster it can be controlled. . According to Our World in Data, 15.96 tests are being done on every one thousand population in the UK whereas only 1.14 tests are being done in India. Currently, the positive rate is 0.2% in the UK and 17.8% in India.


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