73 floor building suddenly started moving in China and people runaway

73 floor building suddenly started moving in China and people runaway

73 floor building suddenly started moving in China and people runaway- After the vibration was felt in a multi-storey building located in the city of Shenzhen, southern China, it had to be evacuated quickly. According to the local administration, the incident took place on Tuesday evening, when the people present in the 980 feet high SEG Plaza found the building shaking.

At that time no earthquake was recorded in China. This is the reason why this incident is now being investigated.

The 73-year-old building, which is twenty years old, has a number of offices and has a large electronics market.

This building is located in the middle of the city of Schengen. In this city with a population of about 1.25 billion people, this building is known as a big shopping centre.

Many videos of this incident are being shared on social media, in which people can be seen running out of this building.

Hundreds of people have expressed concern about it on social media, which is the main reason why it happened without an earthquake.

Chinese government newspaper The Global Times wrote in its report that the local authority in Shenzhen’s Fuchsian district, where the SEG Plaza is located, had reported the building was shaken at around 12:30 pm by Chinese time and at two in the afternoon By the time the building was evacuated. At the time when this incident happened, a lot of people were present in the building.

The latest statement issued by the local authority of Shenzhen stated that “We have not found any cracks in the ground around the building. Apart from this, no damage has been done to the outer wall of the building. But the shaking of the building in this way It is worrying. We are investigating this incident in detail. ”

The SEG Plaza was built in the year 2000. It is the tallest building in China at number 104. At the same time, its place in the world is 212th.

Also known for connecting China with Hong Kong, Shenzhen also recognizes itself for doing great work in the field of technology and innovation in China.

Renowned Chinese companies like Tencent and Khwave have offices in this city. The fourth-tallest building in the world is also located in this city.

There are reports of buildings falling in China. In May last year, there was news of the fall of a hotel in which 29 people died.

This hotel was used as an isolation centre for patients in the Corona era.

However, China is also in discussion internationally for doing construction work very fast.

Last year, the Chinese administration had prepared a 1000-bed hospital in Wuhan city within just six days.


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