National Lockdown In India: Demand for lockdown across the country

Lockdown in Delhi: Migrant laborers forced to flee again

National Lockdown In India: Demand for lockdown across the country- The second wave of coronavirus in the country is running at an uncontrollable pace. There have been more than three and a half lakh cases of corona in the last 24 hours in the country. This figure is more than the number of cases found in a day in about 50 countries. Lockdown is being sought across the country to break the chain of infection spreading rapidly in the second wave. The second wave of Corona has once again sparked debate on the need for a complete lockdown for early control. Let us know who has said what about the demand for lockdown across the country. See update here

Industry demands complete lockdown

The country has seen how the economy collapses with the lockdown, but this time it has started demanding from the industry itself. The country’s largest industry chamber, CII, has also urged the government to take steps to limit economic activities on a large scale to reduce the suffering of common people in the country. CAIT, an organization of small traders and retailers in the country, has already supported the lockdown.

‘Nationwide lockdown to deal with Corona’

A survey conducted by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) has claimed that 67.5 per cent of the people have advocated for a nationwide lockdown as it was last year. People believe that corona will not be stopped without it. CAT National President BC Bhartia and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that 9,117 people of Delhi and the country have expressed their opinion in the survey. 78.2 percent of people have said that Corona has become uncontrollable in the country. 67.5 percent of people have advocated for simultaneous lockdown across the country.

73.7 percent have believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is capable of dealing with the Corona epidemic, while 82.6 percent of the people nominated one Union Minister in charge of Delhi and suggested to deal with Corona, Khandelwal said that every day from Corona across the country More than four lakh people are getting infected and medical system is not available in this proportion, which needs to be fixed immediately. As such, national lockdown is the only option, preventing the corona epidemic from escalating.

‘Full lockdown’ is the only way – Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that full lockdown is the only way to stop the increasing spread of the Coronavirus in the country. However, along with this, he has also raised the issue of financial support from the government under the scheme for low-income people.

Increasing pressure on the government!

The last time the coronavirus started spreading its foot in the country, the government’s decision to lockdown was severely criticized. But this time the pressure on the government is being increased from outside. This is increasing pressure on the government to consider the lockdown. However, all states from PM Modi to the government have been advised to avoid lockdown.

Supreme Court suggested applying lockdown

In an order issued on Sunday night, the Supreme Court asked the central government to consider the option of lockdown keeping in mind the public interest so as to prevent the spread of the corona virus. On the preparations of the government on the Corona case, the Supreme Court has said that we seriously urge the central and state governments to consider banning any kind of crowd gathering or super spreader celebrations. They may also consider a lockdown to prevent the expansion of the second wave of viruses, keeping the general public’s interest in mind. Experts believe that by making such a suggestion, the Supreme Court has made the way easier for the government to decide on the lockdown.


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