Tokyo Olympics: Indian women’s hockey team’s win over Australia so big and memorable

Tokyo Olympics: Indian women's hockey team's win over Australia so big and memorable

Tokyo Olympics: Indian women’s hockey team’s win over Australia so big and memorable- In the ongoing hockey matches at the Tokyo Olympics, when the Indian men’s hockey team defeated Great Britain 3-1 on Sunday to make it to the semi-finals, there was a wave of happiness all over India.

But this happiness was doubled by the Indian women’s hockey team on Monday when they also defeated the Australian team, considered to be the title contenders, 1-0 in the quarter-finals. The Indian team has exploded after reaching the semi-finals.

Gurjit Kaur scored the only goal of the game for India by converting a penalty corner in the 22nd minute.

Along with this, the team playing under the captaincy of Rani Rampal showed that the coaching of Shard Morin was going in the right direction.

comeback after a series of defeats

This is the same coach who lashed out at the entire Indian team after a 1-5 loss to the Netherlands in the group match.

However, after that the Indian team also lost 0-2 to Germany and in the next match again lost to Great Britain 1-4.

It seemed then that the Indian women’s hockey team’s campaign in Tokyo was now over.

After this, India’s falling beats recovered when they beat Ireland 1–0 in the next match and 4–3 against hosts Japan in the decider of the pool.

In this thorn match, Vandana Kataria wrote a new history by scoring a hat-trick of three goals. She is the first female hockey player from India to score a hat-trick in the Olympics.

How was the performance against Australia?

The Indian women’s hockey team never looked under pressure against Australia. His defense was very strong, which the Australian team could not break even after getting seven penalty corners.

Earlier, the Indian men’s team had reached the semi-finals of the 1972 Mexico Olympics and won the gold medal in the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

After the victory of the Indian women’s hockey team, the players of the Australian team fell on the field and the whole world saw them crying while the Indian women players were enthusiastically hugging each other and congratulating each other.

The eyes of sports fans watching a match like this great match on television also became moist after the final result. Hardly anyone has expected such a wonderful game from the Indian women’s hockey team.

What did the only goal scorer say

Gurjeet Kaur, who scored the winning goal after the match, said that the entire team had prepared well.

Regarding reaching the semi-finals, she said that she is proud to reach the semi-finals for the first time since 1980. He also said that people’s prayers are with him and the entire coaching staff has worked hard.

After the spectacular victory of the Indian women’s hockey team, we spoke to the former coach of the women’s team AB Subayya, and she said that this is more than expected result.

“Top team against Australia not only played the players with passion but also defeated them. This win will be remembered for a long time because they played the perfect match. The weather also had an effect as the heat was very hot and the Australian players got used to such conditions. No. Against Australia, the Indian team played with full energy, the Aussies lacked it. The team’s defense was brilliant which wasted their seven penalty corners. It was one of the best matches of the Indian team.”

Regarding the benefits of the Indian women’s team playing in other countries including New Zealand, Belgium and Argentina in the last years, Subayya says that all the credit goes to Hockey India.

“The men’s and women’s teams have been given so much opportunity that the team that used to get disintegrated in the third and fourth quarters is no longer there. Now at the fitness level, the Indian team is playing better than the European teams, which is very commendable. Hockey. India gave the team all the facilities from foreign coaches to other facilities.

how to beat australia

Regarding the team’s specialty in the match against Australia, Subayya said that ‘It cannot be said that any one player showed a very strong game. In this match everyone played unitedly. Everyone played one after the other. He did not let the Australian team run. Scored as soon as you got the chance. Defended. From goalkeeper to full back and forward, he did a wonderful job. Better tackling. Left out and right out played as needed.


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