Covaxin or Covishield, which is making more antibodies, know what the new study says

CCovaxin is the most effective

Which vaccine is more effective against corona virus? Which vaccine will eliminate the risk of corona infection? Which vaccine has the least side effects? Which vaccine causes more and more antibodies to be made faster? Many similar questions are arising in the minds of people before getting the vaccine in the midst of the second wave of corona. In such a recent study, it has been said that Covshield of Oxford-AstraZeneca produces more antibodies than the indigenous Covaxine.

Study done after first dose of vaccine

According to a preliminary study conducted by the Coronavirus Vaccine-Induced Antibody Titre (COVAT), people who took the first dose of the vaccine had more antibodies than those who took the CovaShield vaccine. 552 healthcare workers were included in this study. The study claimed that the seropositivity rate to anti-spike antibodies in people who got the Kovashield vaccine were significantly higher than those who got the first dose of CovaShield.

Good response to both vaccines

The study states that the response to both Andy coronavirus vaccines, Covishield and Covaccine, is good. But the seropositivity rate and anti-spike antibody are high in Coveshield. The 456 healthcare workers surveyed were given the first dose of CovaShield and 96 were given the first dose. The overall seropositivity rate after the first dose was 79.3%.

More information on the immune system will be available after the second dose

However, the study concluded that healthcare workers who had received both vaccines had good immune responses. The ongoing study of COVAT will shed more light on the immune response after receiving the second dose of both vaccines. The study included health workers who had been vaccinated with either Covishield and Covaxin. Also some of these were those who had had SARS-CoV-2 infection. At the same time, there were some who had not come in contact with this virus before.

What is an antibody?

Antibodies are those elements of the body, which our immune system produces to neutralize the virus in the body. It can sometimes take up to a week for antibodies to form after corona virus infection. When a person becomes infected with the coronavirus, antibodies are made in his body. They fight the virus. Antibodies are usually made in only 70-80 patients out of 100 cured corona patients. Antibodies are usually made within two weeks of recovery. In some patients, antibodies are not made even for months after recovering from corona.


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