Kerala Love Story: Current at the door- Girlfriend locked in room for 10 years

Kerala Love Story: Current at the door- Girlfriend locked in room for 10 years

Kerala Love Story: Current at the door- Girlfriend locked in room for 10 years- Will you ever be able to believe that someone can hide his girlfriend in a full house? If it is a matter of a day or two, you will believe it once. But if it is said that this story went on for a full 10 years. Impossible.. that’s what you would say, but it happened. It happened with success. How this great lover did it, we will tell you below. But the update in this whole matter is that this hide-and-seek love story has a happy ending. The young man married that girl yesterday.

kept hidden in the room for 10 years

Not one year, two years or three years, for the entire 10 years, Rahman hid his girlfriend Sajita in his house, protecting that too from the eyes of his family. Rahman did this work very cleverly because his brother Wazir says that he never even realized that someone else was living at his house.

The current was kept on the door

Rahman is an electrician by profession and made great use of his skills. The room where Sajita lived had fitted an automatic lock on the door which no one else could open. He had fitted such a system on the door through electric wires that on going near him, the family members also got electric shocks many times.

Rahman suddenly started eating more food

In order to hide this fact, Rahman started behaving with his family members, due to which he started feeling that he had some mental problem. Suddenly he started eating more food, but he used to eat this food not with his family but in his room. Actually, he used to take more food in the plate so that he could feed Sajita in the room.

Use earphones and go out only at night

Sajitha, who was in that room, used to watch TV using an earphone and that was her only source of entertainment. Since there was no separate bathroom in Rahman’s room, Sajita used to leave the house only at night to toilet, that too when everyone was asleep.

The girl’s house was only 500 meters away

You will be surprised to know that the boy’s house was also only 500 meters away from the girl’s house. The girl’s family members said that they had completely given up hope of meeting their daughter. However, after the matter of keeping the house came to light, the Kerala State Commission for Women had even registered a case against Rahman in this case for keeping a woman hostage for such a long time.

finally got married after 10 years

The boyfriend, who kept his girlfriend hidden in a room of the house for 10 years, finally legally married her, thus making the story a happy ending. The two got married under the Special Marriage Act at a local sub registrar’s office. Signing the wedding document, Sajitha looked overjoyed in a cotton salwar and Rahman was dressed in the traditional ‘mundu’ (dhoti) and shirt.


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