Narendra Giri: When Narendra Giri complained to DIG and Mulayam suspended, 17 year old story

Narendra Giri: When Narendra Giri complained to DIG and Mulayam suspended

Narendra Giri: When Narendra Giri complained to DIG and Mulayam suspended, 17 year old story- There has been an old relationship between the Baghambri throne and politics of Prayagraj. Be it Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav or CM Yogi Adityanath. Akhara Parishad President Narendra Giri’s relations with all the politicians were soulful and friendly. Reminds me of an anecdote 17 years old. The Chief Ministers were Mulayam Singh and Narendra Giri had a dispute with an IPS officer.

DIG had a rift with Mahant Narendra Giri

In 2003, Mulayam Singh took over the power of UP. During this, RN Singh was the DIG of Allahabad (now Prayagraj) in 2004. It is said that there was a rift between one of his close friends and Mahant Narendra Giri over a land issue. The controversy caught on so much that DIG RN Singh himself sat on the Mahavir Marg near the Hanuman temple to stage a dharna. In fact, due to the relationship with Mulayam Singh, even the local police was not able to understand anything. On one side there was the top officer of the department and on the other hand the Mahant who had direct talks with the Chief Minister.

‘I remember RN Singh sitting on dharna’

NBT Online spoke to former UP DGP Vikram Singh about the veracity of this incident. Former DGP Vikram Singh said, ‘In 2004, my posting was in the UP-Nepal Border Police. I remember that RN Singh was sitting on dharna in Allahabad. I had said even then that the demonstration of a serving officer or a retired officer does not suit. We are bound by the Government Servant Conduct Rule either during service or after service. It is difficult to find a monastery that has not been accused of. Our job is to see. You are a senior police officer. If you have any complaint, you can ask the administration, but it is not good to hold a dharna on a senior post. Serving police officers should not hold demonstrations. If there is any case, then complain about it and get it investigated by CID, Anti-Corruption or Lokayukta.

DIG RN Singh was suspended

The then Mulayam government was also criticized for this matter of Narendra Giri and IPS RN Singh. DIG RN Singh was not ready to rise from the dharna. Many senior officers from SSP to his honor came but no result came out. It is said that after this Narendra Giri took the matter to Mulayam Singh. At that time, Mulayam Singh had suspended DIG RN Singh, taking the side of Narendra Giri. There was a lot of discussion about this incident in the corridors of power.

CM Yogi-Akhilesh pays tribute to Mahant

Meanwhile, the process of leaders coming to pay homage to Mahant Narendra Giri in Prayagraj is going on. In the morning, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath paid tribute to the Mahant and said that every incident will be exposed in this case. During this, CM Yogi said that Maharaj Narendra Giri has made a big contribution in giving global recognition to Kumbh. His tragic passing is an irreparable loss to all of us, especially to the religious and spiritual world. The CM said that in this sensitive episode, avoid unnecessary rhetoric and the one who is responsible will be brought under the purview of the law and the harshest punishment will be given. Samajwadi Party National President Akhilesh Yadav reached Baghambari Peeth and had the last glimpse of the body of Narendra Giri. Akhilesh Yadav has demanded an inquiry by the sitting judge of the High Court into the whole matter. Akhilesh said that the whole country wants to know the truth as to what happened to Mahant Narendra Giri ji.


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