Will the third wave not come? Only 13058 new cases of corona found in one day- 164 people died

New cases of corona for the first time after 26 days are down by 3 lakhs

Will the third wave not come? Only 13058 new cases of corona found in one day- 164 people died- The risk of a third wave of corona in the country seems to be decreasing. Only 13,058 new infection cases have been found in the last one day, this figure is the lowest in the last 231 days. On one hand, there has been such a huge reduction in new cases, while in the last 24 hours, 19,470 people have defeated the corona infection. With this, the number of active cases has also come down to the level of 1,83,118, which is the lowest in 227 days. Due to the continuous relief being given to the country due to corona infection, it is now being speculated that perhaps its third wave will not come. Explain that experts had expressed the possibility of a third wave during September or October.

Now the way new cases are decreasing rapidly and people are recovering, it is estimated that now Corona may be discharged from the country. On the one hand, there is a decrease in the cases, on the other hand, the rapid vaccination in the country has also given relief. So far, more than 98.67 crore corona vaccines have been administered in the country. Not only this, by the end of this week this figure can reach beyond 1 billion. The central government has set a target to vaccinate the entire adult population of the country by the end of this year.

The recovery rate of Corona has increased rapidly to 98.14 percent, which is the highest since March 2020. So far, more than 3.34 crore people have recovered from Corona in the country. In terms of percentage, the active cases are currently only 0.54% against the total cases. This is the lowest level in the last one and a half years. Not only this, the weekly positivity rate has also come down sharply to only 1.36 percent. Apart from this, the daily positivity rate is now only 1.11% left. This figure is the lowest in the last 50 days.


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