Lockdown in Delhi: Migrant laborers forced to flee again

Lockdown in Delhi: Migrant laborers forced to flee again

Lockdown in Delhi: Migrant laborers forced to flee again: The migration of migrant workers has started once again amid the lockdown imposed in National Delhi to overcome the infection of Coronavirus. The appeal of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is getting ineffective and huge crowds of labourers are being seen at the bus stands beside the railway station.

Workers are afraid of long lockdown

The migrant labourers fear that the time of lockdown may extend as before, so they are returning home with all their belongings. The workers are not confident that after a week everything will be normal in Delhi, everyone is afraid of the long run of lockdown.

The Chief Minister of Delhi appealed to the workers

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had announced the lockdown on Monday, saying, ‘I want to appeal to the migrant labourers with folded hands that they should not leave Delhi. This is a small lockdown. The government will take care of all your needs. I appeal to all of you not to leave Delhi. Together we will face this situation.

‘Running a family can be difficult’

Migrant labourers say that coronavirus infection is increasing in an uncontrolled way. If the situation gets worse in the coming time, then the limit of lockdown can be increased. Work has stopped due to lockdown and once trapped here, running a family can prove difficult.

Workers are also afraid of not getting treatment

After the lockdown in Delhi, the crowd of people going to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is constantly increasing and they want to go home somehow. Regarding the increase of corona infection due to congestion, migrant labourers say that they no longer trust any government. If you get infected then you will reach your home, because work has stopped here and may have to wander for treatment too.

Lockdown will be held in Delhi till April 26

Let us know that a full week lockdown has been announced in Delhi. The lockdown has started from 10 pm on Monday night and will be in force till 5 am on the next Monday i.e. 26 April. During this time, only those connected with the mandatory services will be allowed to go out on the road.


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