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Irrefutable evidence Pak F-16 was downed

Irrefutable evidence Pak F-16 was downed- New Delhi: The Indian Air Force repeated that it had killed an Air Force F-16 jet of Pakistan Air force on February 27 during the air war following Balakot Attacks. In a media briefing on Monday, it showed engagement rings to engage in Claiming “irrefutable evidence”  of dropping enemy jets. Air Vice Marshal R.G.K Kapoor has seen many slides of graphics capture from the Airborne warning and control system (AWACS).

He said that the IAF has more credible information and evidence, which clearly indicates the fact that PAF has lost an F-16 in the Air Operation on February 27. A day after the ‘pre-emptive non-military action’  was done by India on the alleged terrorist training camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot, Pakistan, there was an aerial air raid. An Indian aircraft, MiG-21 Bison, was shot in Dogfight.

Irrefutable evidence Pak F-16 was downed | Indian Air Force

“The Indian Air Force is not only the inevitable evidence of the fact that F-16 was used by the Pakistan Air Force on 27th February but also that an Air Force MiG-21 Bison made the Pakistan Air Force K-F-16 killed”, Kapoor said in a statement. They did not raise any questions on this issue.

On Friday, the Indian Air Force had claimed that he had killed a Pakistan F-16 fighter jet during dogfight after a report in a major American news magazine, which had denied India’s dispute.

“There is no doubt that the two aircraft went to the air engagement on 27th February, one of which was a bison of the IAF, while the second PAF was F-16, which was identified by its electronic signature and radio tape,” IAF officer What was said.

He said that the IAF has more credible information and evidence, which is a clear indication of the fact that PAF has lost an F-16 in the Air Operation on February 27. “However, due to security and confidentiality concerns, we are restricting information, shared in the public domain.”

Irrefutable evidence Pak F-16 was downed | ‘Irrefutable evidence’ 

The Indian Air Force also confirmed its stand, according to official statements given by the Director General of ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor. In the statement of the IAF, it has been said that the DG ISPR had clearly stated that Pakistan has identified two pilots, one is in custody and the other is recruiting in the hospital. The IAF said that this is repeated by the Pakistani PM.

Last week, the leading American journal Foreign Policy said that in an American calculation of F-16 with Pakistan, it was found that none of them was missing, refuting the claim of India that one of its fighter jets During the fight, a Pakistani F-16 was shot on 27 February.

In the report, the journal said that with the direct knowledge of the situation, two senior US defence officials told that the US personnel recently counted the F-16 of Islamabad and found that no aircraft is missing. The government has said that Indian Air Force’s pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman, had engaged with one of the Pakistani F-16 and shot him before throwing down his MiG-21 bison. For the latest updates, you can visit

Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan and released in Pakistani custody after about 60 hours. On February 28, the Indian Air Force displayed pieces of AMRAAM missile fired by a Pakistani F-16 as “decisive”, proving that Pakistan deployed US-made jet during the air strikes on Indian military installations in Kashmir did.

Pakistan denied that it lost any F-16 jet during the air fight.


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