BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture, nationalism, security

BJP vows tax cuts

Lok Sabha elections, BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture- New Delhi: A strong focus on national security, an ambitious expansion of income support to all farmers, pension for small and marginal farmers and traders, accident insurance of less than Rs 10 lakh and less taxes for traders under GST and Rs 100 lakh crore The promise of investment is the main attraction of the BJP’s manifesto + on Monday in the infrastructure framework.

The ideological contradiction of the Congress manifesto was set up through the formula called for the repeal of Article 35A and demand for the abolition of Article 370 of the long pending demand of BJP, as well as the counter-terrorism response to security forces. The promise to give free hands to deliver was given. Like 2014, the BJP called for all efforts within the constitutional framework to facilitate the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Lok Sabha elections, BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture

The party also expressed its solidarity with those who opposed the implementation of the Supreme Court order, in which the women of the menstrual age were allowed to enter the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala, while on constitutional security issues related to trust and faith. Promised to be safe. The manifesto has been marked by an uninterrupted call to “cultural heritage”, the party has emphasized that it views cultural values as “the necessary material for our future”, rather than “obstacles of progress”.

Senior government sources said that under the aid scheme of Rs 6,000 annually, all the farmers, big and small, were promised to bring, which means that more than 20 million beneficiaries will be. This will increase the number of potential beneficiaries from the existing 12.3 million to about 15 crores, although sharecroppers do not fall within the scope of the scheme.

Lok Sabha elections, BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture, nationalism, security

In the outgoing Congress manifesto, targeted for specific constituencies such as small traders, farmers, artisans, and the middle class is adding a response on the populist promise of income support of Rs 72,000 per year. Rather than choosing for a comprehensive counter-proposal, BJP has broken its promises in the sectional pledges to strengthen support in some of the major electorate groups, comparing that different segments in different constituencies different from the similarity of interests. Targeting can provide better returns than lobbying. Amorphous like “poor” and promises in a vast range. In the launch, BJP leaders were seen saying that the party was leading in the victory in May.

The party has promised to spend Rs 100 lakh crore on upgradation of infrastructure by 2024 – an ambitious target that is expected to play well with the middle classes wishing to see world-class roads and highways. In fact, party leaders, whose leaders gave several references to “Aspirational Classes” in the launch event, also announced the country to convert the economy to a $ 5-trillion economy by 2025 and $ 10 trillion by 2032.

However, unlike 2004 when it allowed itself to applaud India Inc, the party did not get a large share of rural India, from home to the voting classes. Thus, a promise of investment of 25 lakh crores has been promised for improving agricultural productivity. This will be focused on warehouses and interest-free credit cards, which will be up to Rs 1 lakh to repay the farmers instantly. For the latest updates, you can visit

Lok Sabha Elections: Strong focus on national security

After criticizing the characteristics of the Congress manifesto, like the promise of weakening the national security of AFSPA, the BJP introduced its ‘Sankalp Patra’ as an “antitrust” or anti-separatist idea, the surgical strike of 2017 And attacked the air strikes. As proof of Balakot’s determination to be guided by the national security interest alone in February.

With the promise of significant expansion of social security in the Modi Government 2.0, an emphasis has been laid on national security. Housing for all up to 2022; Pipe water supply to every household by 2024; Swacch Bharat phase-2 with solid waste management in every village; More resource for Ayushman Bharat; Financial aid and skill training for retiring retired personnel; Other main There are attractions.

Lok Sabha elections, BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture, An investment of Rs 100 lakh crore in infrastructure is seen on the basis of subsidy and interest breakdown with the government, public sector and other assistance. BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture, nationalism, security, The party said that jobs will increase from the investment – an issue which has been attacked. It also said that GST had reduced tax rates and led high revenues and it would be simplified.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the manifesto with the slogan “Mission, one direction” because he established three mantras of rashtravaad (Nationalism), Antyodaya (Integrated Humanism) and Sushaasan (Good Governance). The BJP said that it will work to create a predicted export and import policy with an inherent mechanism to reduce all agricultural imports and encourage export and discourage imports.

In addition, on the basis of receipt of storage of agricultural produce, loans to farmers will be provided at affordable rates. The party has pledged to launch a dedicated e-commerce portal to promote chemical-free organic farming and promote sales in additional 20 lakh hectares in the hilly, tribal and rain-fed areas.

Lok Sabha elections, BJP vows tax cuts, Kisan sops, hard line on culture, nationalism, security- In addition, the Gaushalas will be linked with the promotion of organic farming and the biological environment will be promoted. Bringing 10 million hectares of agricultural land under micro-irrigation, construction of 10,000 new farming producing organizations by 2022 and a mechanism for direct marketing of vegetables, fruits, dairy and fishery products is in BJP’s manifesto.

The party reiterated its core ideological issues- the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and its commitment to the same civil code. It underlined that Article 35A was discriminatory with non-permanent residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir.

“By continuing our work, we will constitute a bill to ban and eliminate the triple Talaq and Nikah halala”, The party said.


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