Manish Gupta Murder: Manish Gupta’s last call before death- what happened that night?

Manish Gupta Murder: Manish Gupta's last call before death- what happened that night?

Manish Gupta Murder: Manish Gupta’s last call before death- what happened that night?- There is a stir in Gorakhpur over the Manish Gupta murder. The policemen of Ramgarhtal police station are accused of lynching businessman Manish. Before death, Manish Gupta had a conversation with one of his relatives. Audio of this phone call has surfaced. In this, Manish Gupta is talking to his relative Durgesh Gupta. A TV report claims the last conversation between Manish Gupta and his relative. In this phone audio, Manish is purportedly talking to his relative Durgesh. There is a lot of noise going on in this whole conversation. What happened to Manish Gupta that night? Let’s try to know through this phone call.

Durgesh Gupta – Gorakhpur at this time. What are these people doing?

Manish Gupta- We were in the room. Suddenly he entered the room.

Durgesh Gupta – What are you saying?

Manish Gupta- Brother, what have you come here to do in the room?

Police- Sir regular checking is done.

Manish Gupta – Durgesh tell

Durgesh Gupta- G-G

Durgesh Gupta- Which police station are these people from?

Manish Gupta- Sir from which police station are you guys?

Manish Gupta – Which one?

Manish Gupta – Ramgarhtal

Durgesh Gupta- Ramgarhtal, otherwise why are you checking? Why suddenly come to the hotel and talk?

Manish Gupta – Regular Checking

Manish Gupta – Durgesh talk to me

Durgesh Gupta- What are these people saying?

Manish Gupta- We are taking people to the police station, a son without any reason.

Durgesh Gupta- Wait, I am talking to the SP right now.

Manish Gupta – yes son

Durgesh Gupta- Which hotel are you in?

Manish Gupta- We are in Krishna Inn, Gorakhpur.

Durgesh Gupta- Krishna in Gorakhpur, what are these people doing?

What does Manish Gupta’s postmortem report say?

The post-mortem report has revealed that Manish Gupta died of an antemortem injury. That is, he was brutally beaten before death. The postmortem report revealed that four serious injury marks were found on Manish Gupta’s body. He suffered a severe head injury which proved fatal for him. Apart from this, there was a serious injury on the wrist of Manish Gupta’s right hand with a stick.

Manish Gupta also has injury marks on his right-hand arm. There is also an injury to the upper layer of the left eye. It is clear from the postmortem report that before death, Manish Gupta was subjected to heart-wrenching vandalism.

What is the whole matter?

Manish Gupta was a property dealer and had gone to Gorakhpur on Monday along with his best friends Pradeep Chauhan, Hardeep Singh. Manish was staying with his friends in room number 512 of Hotel Krishna Palace. It is alleged that at around 12.30 pm on Monday night, Ramgarhtal station in-charge JN Singh reached the hotel to check with the force. The police opened the door of the room and started asking everyone for ID. After checking the ID, the police started checking everyone’s bags. On the action of the police, Manish said that we are not terrorists, the same thing went unbearable to the police. It is alleged that the police started beating Manish and his friends mercilessly. The police beat Manish to death and later he died.


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